Zika plant bitten by Bali gorilla recalls Dengue-like symptoms


Feb 02, 2016 20:54:04

Australian Zika pathogen plant Daniel Gaunt

Daniel Gaunt was bitten by a gorilla on his reduce right torso before building a unreasonable on his chest. (Supplied)

A Darwin male who engaged Zika pathogen after being bitten by a gorilla and mosquitos in Bali in 2013 pronounced he was hospitalised with Dengue fever-like symptoms on returning, namely heat and corner paint.

Daniel Gaunt was 27 and on holidays when he went to a Ubud gorilla timberland and was bitten by a animal on his right torso.

Mr Gaunt might be a world’s initial box of someone apropos putrescent by gorilla bite, as Zika pathogen routinely spreads around mosquitoes.

He pronounced he had been home in Darwin for around 3 days, and 5 days after a gorilla bite, when he grown a unreasonable on his chest.

Upon saying his GP, Mr Gaunt was given a second turn of Rabies vaccine, though his condition run-down and he was quarantined during Royal Darwin Hospital.

“They call it a Dengue-style rash, so when we did benefaction they insincere it was Dengue fever,” he said.

“When we went to a sanatorium they quarantined me and did contrast for it.

“As good as a fever, we also had corner heedfulness and flesh pains, and a bit of queasiness and a high temperature.

“I went in on a Wednesday, and we came out on a Sunday. They ran all sorts of tests.

They couldn’t infer what it was, and since we had been bitten by a gorilla they were endangered it was rabies.”

Mr Gaunt was prescribed ubiquitous antibiotics, and once he was asymptomatic serve blood samples were sent to a laboratory in Melbourne.

A month after he recovered, a formula came behind as Zika virus.

Mr Gaunt pronounced he had never before listened of a virus, and had not had a regularity of it.

“I’m led to trust we was a second Australian ever to be diagnosed with it,” he said.

“The doctors were flattering assured it was gorilla transmission, since it is common in monkeys, though we also can’t order out we wasn’t also bitten by a mosquito.

“It is clearly utterly unpropitious to people who are pregnant. we theory people only have to make themselves wakeful of it.

“It’s utterly rare, though take all a precautions we can.”




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