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The vast, rippling area of blue during Kuta beach, Bali, is peppered with over a 100 surfers. In a midst, Charu Rawat, a financial researcher from Hyderabad, sits patiently on her board, watchful for a wave. In a distance, a roller rises; Rawat fast clambers up, and cruises a breaker effortlessly. The high, she says, is indescribable. A flourishing clan of surfing enthusiasts (and, no, we don’t meant a professionals) are now travelling to locate a ideal wave. From Sri Lanka to Puri and Kovalam to Morocco, vacations focus on indicate breaks. “When we started (surfing came to India with Jack Hebner, who founded India’s initial roller club, Mantra, in a ’70s), there were usually a handful. Today there are tighten to 200 critical surfers, half of whom compete,” says Rammohan Paranjape, VP – Surfing Federation of India. “During season, a integrate of thousand people make their approach to roller schools on both coasts. And with some-more roller festivals now, there is copiousness of action” As surfing deteriorate opens along a West seashore — consider Varkala, Mangaluru and Goa, from Oct by May — we locate adult with people who are holding a mangle from their day jobs to cutback on a surfboard.



Charu Rawat, financial analyst

Most weeks, Charu Rawat works during a sidestep account association in Hyderabad. But each integrate of months, she packs her Roxy unreasonable guards and house shorts and sets out in hunt of a wave. The 23-year-old takes her passion utterly severely — besides trips to Gokarna, Mulki and Puducherry, she also skeleton general holidays around surfing. “Once each 6 months, we ride for 10-15 days and representation my bottom somewhere with copiousness surfing. Right now, my bulletin is to ride as many of Asia as we can, and I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia,” she says, adding that a usually disproportion was Jamaica a small while ago, “where we surfed during a beaches in Oracabessa”.

Rawat initial got on a surfboard when she was 10. “My father is in a navy and we were posted in Visakhapatnam when we saw someone roving a wave. we remember meditative it was a coolest thing ever,” she chuckles. Though a send to Delhi put her early lessons on hold, relocating to Hyderabad dual years ago altered everything. “It’s tighten to a East and a West coast, so a opportunities are more,” says a surfer, who is formulation a outing to a Philippines subsequent March, and has Fiji on her to-do list.

When abroad, Rawat looks for places where there are good waves and reasonably-priced roller lessons. “It takes me a day or dual to get into it. And as a waves are opposite in opposite countries, it helps to have someone assistance we pull through,” she shares. Her outing to Bali has been her best so far: she held her biggest wave, an 11-footer, there. Of course, as a lady surfer from India, she mostly raises eyebrows, too. “Most people are still unknowingly that we have an adult and entrance roller stage here,” she concludes, saying that she loves violation a stereotype.

Brand protocol: “Billabong and Quiksilver are a biggies. For some-more affordable gear, try Adidas or your internal Decathlon store. For boards, there’s NSP and Hurley, too.”



Ishani Chaudhary, medical student

For this Mumbai-based post connoisseur medical student, surfing isn’t a solo passion; rather, it is a family sport. Her family of 5 — including 50-something surgeon relatives and dual siblings — strike a waves together. “While in Australia for a medical conference, my mom saw people surfing and motionless we contingency all learn. So a following year, in 2009, we designed a family vacation there,” starts Ishani Chaudhary.

Back home, on a surveillance for internal roller spots, they detected Mantra Surf Club in Mulki, Mangaluru, and Arambol in Goa. “This afterwards became a thing. We’d tag a roller board, that we’d picked adult in Australia, to a roof of a Innova and expostulate down for a relaxing nonetheless sparkling few days,” she says. In 2014, a family did a Konkan recce, along a west seashore of Maharashtra, to find some-more roller spots. “We found many, though a waves were unequivocally large — improved matched for professionals.” In a final few years, they have been travelling a world, holding roller vacations — from Sri Lanka and Hawaii to Costa Rica. “The latter was indeed for a finish marriage final year, though a family was some-more vehement about a waves than a function,” she smiles. Her final roller mangle was in Bali this June, where she lived by a beach for a month and surfed.

“I am not an expert, though we can locate my possess wave. In Bali, we attempted roving six-footers. we mostly wiped out, though it was exhilarating,” says Chaudhary, who admits to not being a large fan of surfing hotspots like Waikiki in Hawaii or Manly in Sydney, Australia. “It is populated with surfers and a atmosphere is unequivocally competitive, with everybody out to get their possess wave,” she states. With skeleton for a surfcation to Mulki subsequent month, and Morocco and Portugal in a pipeline, she says, “The approach we demeanour during it, a family who surfs together stays together.”

Beaches to try: “Try a reduction busy ones to get good waves and some-more remoteness — like Cascais in Portugal, Rockaway beach in New York City and Taghazout in Morocco.”


Rajeev Krishnan, techie, investment banking

Twenty years ago, as partial of a college journey club, Rajeev Krishnan initial attempted surfing in Manipal, Karnataka. Since then, there has been no looking back. Moving to New York shortly afterward gave him some-more entrance to a sport, and he spent many days surfing during East Hampton, Long Island. He also trafficked to Hawaii with his family. For Krishnan, vacations was are mostly about roving waves. “It’s extraordinary to roller in Maui; a waves are during unchanging intervals. And they are roughly a same kind — 3 to 4 ft high though gentle.” When he changed behind to India, a 45-year-old came opposite Hebner’s Mantra Surf Club in Mulki, and became a regular. His 13-year-old daughter has also taken to surfing now, competing in a Indian Open of Surfing in Mangaluru progressing this year, reaching a semi-finals. He is now in a routine of formulation a vacation with his surfing buddies, to a Andamans and Sri Lanka subsequent year.

Money talk: “It’s especially roller classes we have to compensate for, that is around ₹1,000 per day, including a board.”



Dr Meet Sheth, ENT surgeon

The 31-year-old surgeon has damaged his ribs (a surfboard struck his chest while surfing in Australia) and harm his behind (he fell off his house in Pondicherry), though that hasn’t stopped him from acid for a subsequent large wave. “Surfing is a tough sport, and there is risk of injury. But when we float a wave, it’s a feeling subsequent to none,” he says. He picked adult a basis during mixed roller schools — from Manipal and Goa to Kovalam and Mahabalipuram. “The good thing about it is that anywhere we travel, we have a hobby,” says Sheth, who watches surfing videos to urge his form. His best surfing memory is from a new outing to Australia. “I surfed during a Gold Coast, roving six-foot waves. we got cleared out a few times, though we held 3 to 4 epic waves, so it was totally value it.” Up next, he is formulation a surfcation to Sri Lanka.

Rent culture: “A unchanging surfer can mangle a house each 6 months, so renting is advisable for amateurs. It is also unwieldy to ride with one.”



Deepak Kapur, financier and visiting expertise during IIM Indore

“My initial memory of surfing is from Archie comics,” starts Deepak Kapur, who attempted roving a waves 3 years ago, during Mulki, Karnataka. Later, a training assignment during a government hospital along a East Coast Road gave him an event to learn a competition during Kovalam. “I went for 7 to 8 continual sessions and that unequivocally gave me confidence,” says a 39-year-old. Today, he admits to being so bending that a final thing he does each night is demeanour during a roller foresee for a subsequent day. “If it’s good, I’m adult by 4 am and during a beach by 5 am,” he says. While he has not exclusively trafficked to roller yet, he is formulation a large outing this year. “Bali is somewhere each surfer hopes to visit,” he says, adding, “I’m watchful to adult my turn so we can roller in other spots.”

Fitness first: “As surfing is a physically tough competition and requires a lot of core-strength, we work out by a week. we do yoga and strength training.”


Karun Ramani, sound engineer

Between his day pursuit as a sound operative and his song production, Karun Ramani creates time for surfing on a weekends — during Covelong, Varkala and Kovalam in Kerala. But what does one do when tourists and beginners take adult all a play and sea-space? Plan a outing to Sri Lanka, of course. “I started surfing 3 years ago, though have been severely into it for a past 18 months. That’s because we took time off, travelling to 6 opposite places in Sri Lanka — Hikkaduwa, Midigama, Weligama, Mirissa, Kabalana and Tangalle — usually to surf,” he says. While India has an endless coastline, he feels surfers from a nation ride abroad for a series of reasons. “The biggest disproportion is a accessibility of products — like wardrobe and unreasonable guards. There’s also copiousness of entrance to surfboards, and it’s easy to ride them, too. Most let bikes come with mounts, so we can container your house and ride along a coast, usually surfing.”

No responsibility spared: “Some of my favourite brands are Volcom, Hurley, Billabong, Rip Curl, RVCA, Vans and Body Glove. They’re expensive, though value it.”

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