You Just Won’t Bali-eve This Place

Four Seasons Jimberan:

So, if you’ve seen my Instagram, it won’t take a talent to see that we positively adore Bali.

I go any year since it’s one of those places where a newness never wears off.

It’s got something for everybody – possibly you’re after a family holiday, a regretful getaway or only a lads’ celebration outing – Bali always correct delivers.

On Love Island we never close adult about how we was going there again as shortly as possible, especially to retreat a mental repairs inflicted in a villa!!! 😂.

When we got voted off we had a insane month or so of personal appearances and large Love Island hype.

It was ill though we was good unfortunate to get to Bali cos of all a agg that goes with it.

Also, I’d only started dating a positively overwhelming Steph Pratt and all we could consider about was drifting her off to my favourite place in a whole world.

I wanted to give her a holiday she’d never forget so we took her to a few of a best hotels Bali has to offer – starting with a 5 star Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran Bay.

It’s correct regretful with private pools in a villas, a health spa, roller propagandize and open atmosphere restaurants.


As shortly as we arrived in a run we were greeted like kingship with acquire drinks and cold towels.

After a rapid check-in we were shortly whizzing opposite a review drift to a excellent villa in a golf buggy.

Whenever we wish to go somewhere we can only call a golf cart and they come and collect we adult – that is a good ill touch.

Our villa had a many startling views, high adult on a cliffs unaware a bay.
Jimbaran beach is finished adult of a piece of hilly cliffs met by white sands and stimulating turquoise ocean.

Steph couldn’t trust her eyes when we uninterrupted a doorway to a thatched wooden villa.

The initial thing we notice is a private forever pool that allows we to gawk out for miles opposite a pleasing Indian Ocean.

It was all finished adult in a unequivocally complicated and contemporary character though also incorporated a unequivocally normal Balinese feel.

The bed was a outrageous aristocrat distance with excellent Egyptian string sheets and a lavatory had all state of a art complicated fittings.

You could tell that so most suspicion had left into a pattern to get a ideal change of complicated and normal atmosphere.

Steph and we were so vehement we totally forgot about jet loiter and jumped true into a pool.

We put some tunes on and afterwards took advantage of a room use menu that had a widest choice of things I’ve ever seen.

We systematic a integrate of bottles of a stimulating rose and afterwards went crazy grouping a engorgement of dishes from a menu since we fundamentally wanted to try everything.

If we ever stay there yourself make certain we have during slightest one dusk only grouping from room service.

The food was artistic and 5* grill standard.

Try a Wyagu Gyoza and a Prawn tempura Tacos as they are only mouth-wateringly delicious.

But we gamble you’re all wondering how me and Steph were removing on.

I always consider we don’t unequivocally know someone until we go on holiday with them.

And to be honest we knew seeking Steph to come with me on a holiday of this magnitude, this early on in a relationship, was going to be a make-or-break situation.

It’s not like a weekend in Rome, this was a full-scale holiday so we were possibly going to get on like a residence on glow or finish adult wanting to kill any other.

I can overtly contend after a initial night we knew true divided we were going to have a sickest time.

We were joking around and chatting divided uninterrupted and afterwards finished adult personification some reduction than creditable label games 👀 into a early hours!

It was only so good to start a holiday on such a high and it set a tinge for a rest of a trip.

One thing I’ve always beheld about a Four Seasons hotel organisation is that a staff always go above and over to make their guest happy – no ask ever seems too most or too excessive.

So when me and Steph were sat by a pool during 2am and a outside lighting wasn’t utterly doing a job, we called accepting to ask if maybe there was another light switch we hadn’t noticed.

They pronounced there wasn’t though impossibly they sent someone adult true divided with additional lights.

The subsequent morning we woke adult to a sound of birds chirping and waves crashing.

After a tip breakfast of eggs Benedict and French toast we headed down to a private beach and dozed divided a final of a jet lag.

It was a ideal start to a holiday.

Bali is such an extraordinary place to get out and try though if we only wish to relax we could only stay in a review and get �lite a whole time.

They finished us feel so loose and gentle in general, and we consider that unequivocally contributed to how most of a good time Steph and we had with any other.

After a prolonged moody and a highlight of transport it can be formidable to palliate yourself into holiday mode and a lot of couples can get stressed and irked with any other.

But interjection to a FS Jimbaran, Steph and we were bouncing off any other as per common and only amatory life in general!

Next week: Four Seasons Sayan (UBUD)


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