You can now transport to a large inflatable unicorn island since hulk pool floats weren’t enough

Just when we suspicion we’d reached rise unicorn-dom, 2018 motionless to one-up itself with a large inflatable unicorn island.

OK, technically there aren’t any horned fabulous rainbow horses prancing around their local land (yet). But there is a 40,000-square-foot floating stadium in a Philippines called Inflatable Island. It facilities a pastel wonderland of hulk slides, towers, a rainbow walk, bridges, tellurian launchers and swings and costs usually $17 for an all-day pass.

And don’t worry—if frolicking by a floating buoyant residence of rainbows and unicorns isn’t your thing, a new Pink Bali Beach of Inflatable Island is an Instagram-ready bliss of tasseled umbrellas and rose- and lavender-colored bean bags, ideal for lounging in a silt while sipping deliciously fruity cocktails.

If we slurp adequate of those pinkish drinks, we competence even see a genuine unicorn in a wild. (Hey, it could happen.)

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