Yoga Design Lab Bali-inspired yoga mats are works of art

Described by Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue as ‘stunning works of art’, Yoga Design Lab is a new code of yoga mats with beautiful, splendid designs.

With a flourishing luminary following in a USA, we have to acknowledge that we felt utterly a luminary when we unrolled my gorgeous, brightly phony new yoga pad during my yoga category final weekend. 

Yoga Design Lab Aegean pattern yoga mat

The story of Yoga Design Lab began in 2014 when Canadian surfer/yogi, Chad Turner, sole all he had, packaged his bags and changed to Bali, driven by a thought to emanate a organic and aesthetically pleasing yoga mat.

I was seated in a behind of a packaged yoga category while on vacation in Ubud, Bali. Looking around, all we saw was a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, plain colored mats. My meditative was that there contingency be a approach of formulating a rarely organic product that was also aesthetically beautiful. So a tour began. Long story short, we sole my stuff, packaged adult a integrate bags and changed to Bali with a idea of formulating a overwhelming line of yoga products that enthuse some-more people to get vehement about yoga.”

– Chad, YDL Founder

Yoga Design Lab Mandala Azure pattern yoga mat

100% Natural a yoga mats are done of a healthy tree rubber bottom from Vietnam and recycled bottle microfiber that works as a towel.

The pleasing imitation designs are done with water-based inks.

The microfiber is adhered while a rubber pad is exhilarated to equivocate any arrange of poisonous glue, preventing any glue odors. 

The sueded microfiber tip gives a improved hold whenever we start to persperate during your use – giving fortitude to any balancing poise – we even felt some-more grounded during downward dog and soldier 2 poses. In fact a pad grips improved a some-more we sweat!

Eco-friendly, biodegradable and giveaway from silicone, a mats are appurtenance washable and easy to dry

Yoga Design Lab yoga pad with carry-on-strap

It’s always been a idea to launch YDL in South Africa. I’ve been spending some-more and some-more time in a Western Cape a final integrate years and have totally depressed for this nation and it’s people. There is unequivocally no place like it. Yoga is flourishing exponentially here and we’re vehement to hopefully play a purpose in swelling a mind/body advantages of yoga use to some-more South Africans

Chad, YDL Founder

Yoga Design Lab mats are accessible in yoga studios opposite South Africa or online from Taka Health 

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