WSL To Uluwatu! The Other Wave Pool Mega Flip, and Mikey Wright Does The Best Surfing You’ll See This Week

11 May 2018

Mikey Wright stomps this, and he does so utterly easily. It's in a Quiskilver clip.

Mikey Wright stomps this, and he does so utterly easily. It’s in a Quiskilver clip.


Ten Things From Surfing The Internet On The Week That Was May 11, 2018

1. The WSL Made A Popular Decision

They’re finishing Margarets during Uluwatu!? In a 5 years or so that we’ve had veteran surfing’s new regime of a WSL, not a singular pierce they’ve done has transient furious Internet vitriol on amicable media. Not. A. Single. One. Even their best decisions get inaudible into an internt trashfire on Facebook, Instagram, and roller website comments. But we get a feeling that this one will have concept support.

The WSL has motionless they’ll finish adult a Margaret River Pro – that was cancelled mid-event due to fears someone competence get eaten alive, Jaws style, by a good white shark – within dual days of a finish of a Corona Bali Pro in June, nonetheless not during Keramas, no… instead they’ll be throwing it over to one of a many iconic lefts in roller story and folklore, Uluwatu. 

The comp will be done adult of a 24 masculine and 8 womanlike surfers that were left in a Margaret River Pro during a time of cancellation. 

Funny thing is, a CT has been screaming out for an eventuality hold in prolonged rippable left for yonks now, generally with Fiji dropping from a report this year. Just dual days ago we ran highlights from a Grom Search final during Raglan with a title: “This Is What A Comp In The Rippable Lefts of Raglan Looks Like”.

And here we are. Uluwatu. Someone will win a Margaret River Pro during Uluwatu, imprinting it a many mobile eventuality in surfing given those Rip Curl Search events got a can. It’s so mobile that it spans countries, timezones and months. Wild. The WSL did confirm, however, that they’ll be entrance behind to WA in 2019. But who’s to contend that one won’t finish adult during Macaronis or Skeleton Bay?

So then, who’s your tip to win it during Uluwatu? And remember, goofy-footers Ace Buchan, Matt Wilkinson and Miguel Pupo have already been knocked out. Spewing. Jack Robbo on a other palm will be beating his lips during this opportunity.

2. The WSL Founders’ Cup Was Run

The WSL ran their initial ticketed, vital eventuality during their flagship product, a Surf Ranch Kelly Slater Wave Pool, final weekend… and… we can’t unequivocally tell we any some-more about it. It ran from dual am Australia time, notwithstanding them carrying a ability to run a eventuality in a late afternoon/night (couple lights?) and get it in watchable times in a US, Brazil AND Australia… nonetheless nah. Two am it is. we did come home from a prolonged day during a footy and a pub and attempted to watch a integrate of heats by bloodshot eyes, nonetheless we can’t remember what they were like too much. we do remember meditative that it felt some-more like examination an Olympics eventuality than a roller comp – a approach we lay there all day, examination run after run after run, adhering around given someone we listened of or a one Australian wish in a eventuality would be entrance adult shortly – and how that that is not indispensably a bad thing. In fact, it substantially opens adult a foe itself to a whole new, non-core surfing audience. But we’ll see. we don’t remember too many else and we didn’t worry examination a rest of it given I’ve been examination Atlanta Season 2 and it’s unequivocally good. The highlights being common around a eventuality have been zero special nonetheless and will be lost flattering soon. we do get a feeling that it would have been a flattering fun eventuality to attend in person. Which is a whole KS Wave Pool materialisation in a nut-shell, really.

The eventuality was won rather suddenly by group World, led by Jordy Smith. And rather expectedly, Australia didn’t win, nonetheless they didn’t seem to mind, seen in their uniforms of Akubras, doing tequila shots between heats… they won a partial of a comp that was carrying a many fun. 

For approach improved research of a Founders’ Cup we have to greatfully review Nick Carroll’s story and Sean Doherty’s report. They’re bloody rippers. The final divide of Seano’s competence put we in stitches.

3. Seth Moniz’s Flip Pissed All Over a Surf Ranch Bonfire

And afterwards did we see this prominence from nonetheless another new call pool? This one is in Waco, Texas, and usually after a Founders’ Cup finished adult a Internet was treated with this higlight from Seth Moniz – a hulk backflip. It’s flattering engaging that this one move, a singular biggest manouevre achieved on a male done call to date, substantially – was a improved prominence than anything achieved in a Founders’ Cup event, and that eventuality had John John, Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo, Leo Fioravanti and Jordy Smith in it. 

A post common by Ryan Simalchik (@rsmallcheck) on May 7, 2018 during 2:23pm PDT

4. Hey, Speaking of Flips

Eli Hanneman here is still usually 15 years old. And he’s stomping things like this? Lord, have mercy.

The new normal. 🔄?? ??? ? At 15 years old, @elihanneman is already branch a surfing universe on a head. ??? ? 🎥: @hampositive

A post common by hurley (@hurley) on May 9, 2018 during 3:35pm PDT

4. Brazil Starts Tonight/Kelly Slater Is Retiring?

With all going on between call pools, events being cancelled afterwards sent to Bali, and Season 2 of Atlanta, you’d be forgiven for forgetful that a Oi Rio Pro in Brazil starts this dusk Australia time. You’d be forgiven for forgetful about it quite deliberation Kelly Slater isn’t going to a event, carrying postulated a feet damage final year that has kept him out of each CT eventuality this year so far… solely a call pool foe he usually had. He was excellent for that… go figure.

Considering that, you’d have to assume this will be Kelly Slater’s final year on a CT full time, right? You can’t skip 4 events, do a non CT eventuality for fun in front of a whole world, aaaaaand explain a wildcard citing your injury, can you? So… umm… violation news, a This Week In Surfing Exclusive: KELLY SLATER IS RETIRING IN 2018! You listened it here first. That will be one Walkley, greatfully and thanks.

6. Mick Fanning On The Search

And vocalization of retirements that aren’t unequivocally retirements given there aren’t unequivocally any retirements in surfing… Mick Fanning’s initial shave given fasten a Rip Curl Search forsaken this week – Unfinished Business – and it feels a small bit like examination Chocolate Barrels a nearby dual decades later. Really good filming, pleasing waves, parsimonious edit, and unimaginable Mick Fanning surfing. This is going to be a fun time.

7. Kai Hing, Jake Vincent and More In Morocco

Surf shave + Morocco is a multiple I’m always going to click on. This one stars Kai Hing with Jake Vincent and pals Izak Clifford and Jack Staley while they spend a full month in a north African bliss for big, prolonged righthanders. 

8. Quiksilver’s Australia Clip – Kael Walsh and Mikey Wright Are Fire

The Australian complement of Quiksilver’s Gone Tomorrow array drops and it’s a banger. It stars Mikey Wright, Mikey February, Steph Gilmore, Zeke Lau, Connor O’Leary, Leo Fioravanti, Jesse Mendes, Jeremy Flores, Kanoa Igarashi, Kael Walsh (this group is always some-more built than we seem to remember) and some of a funnest wedging beaches, pumping Snapper, cold Victorian walls, and shark-riddled WA bullion we can container into a roller clip.

The prominence has to be front of West Aus immature gun Kael Walsh, Whoooosh! Actually, we wrote that usually before a Mikey Wright territory that closes a shave came on. My god. He’s so bloody good, that guy. Favourite surfer? Maybe, maybe, maybe!  Go Mikey Wright. Go win Brazil!!!

9. Chippa Wilson and Nathan Fletcher In Panama

For Nixon, Nate Fletcher and Chippa Wilson star in Professional Tourists, rounding out what’s been a unequivocally good week for internet roller content. They conduct to Panama. They float boats. They get barrelled in pumping lefts. They do prolonged floaters. They do brilliant, technical airs. 

They also get mic’d up, and their discourse creates for a approach improved than normal clip, that is tough to do in a swarming marketplace of roller content.

10. The Dooley Does The Founders’ Cup

This week Danny and Mike (that’s me) dive into a WSL Surf Ranch Kelly Slater Wave Pool Company Wave Pool International Teams Comp and ask, was it okay? They also ask if surfing for a nation we didn’t grow adult in is fine too? And what about Kelly Slater not going to Brazil? Is that fine as well? And are Mike and Danny okay? Probably not.

And that was this week in surfing. Have a good weekend everyone.

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