World’s youngest traveler skeleton to lapse to Indonesia

British-born James Asquith was still 24 years aged when he was bestowed as a youngest chairman to transport to all emperor countries by Guinness World Records and he has defended a pretension ever since.

During his tour to mangle a record, from Jul 4, 2008 to  July 8, 2013, he visited 196 countries, including Indonesia.

“It feels extraordinary to have a Guinness World Records, though unequivocally surreal,” he told The Jakarta Post via email. “I’ve been to each nation in a world, though what is a country? A synthetic border. There’s so most some-more of a universe to learn and we keep on exploring each time we transport that is amazing.”

During his revisit to Indonesia, Asquith trafficked to several provinces, including Bali and Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. He described his knowledge in those provinces in his book, Breaking Borders: Travels in Pursuit of an Impossible Records.

James Asquith visited several places in Bali, among them Ku De Ta and Tanah Lot.(

“[…] after a brief stop by a heaving heavyweight city of Jakarta, it was a finish contrariety to revisit a Gili Islands, where there were no cars. None during all,” he wrote. “[…] though a end that unequivocally enticed me was Bali. Quite simply paradise, and it was distinct because this has turn a tip end for travelers.”

He visited several places in Bali, among them Ku De Ta and Tanah Lot. “To be honest, we found a atmosphere somewhat bizarre in Kuta, as outrageous amounts of splash deals were cleared down with thumping song in a credentials of a structurally controversial six-story bar that ignored a Bali bombing commemorative below. Quite sobering,” he jotted down on his book.

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“I can't wait to come behind to Indonesia,” Asquith stated. “And I’ll be checking out Palawan, Sumatra and Central Java for sure.”

Asquith common that he had been roving given he was little. “My father was a commander and my mom lived in Hong Kong and Germany for a while, so we always had a roving bug from a immature age,” he said, adding that his relatives had also desirous him to mangle a record. “My initial outing that we can unequivocally remember was an overnight vessel to Copenhagen in inclement conditions, and this was flattering sparkling and new to me.”

James Asquith in Afghanistan.(

His passion for roving did not stop there. After operative and saving income from an early age and afterwards investing in bonds when he was 18, Asquith began his “real” trip. He started with Vietnam where he volunteered to build houses and continued to other Southeast Asian countries.

Some of a countries he visited were North Korea, Iran, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. He also went to Libya 3 weeks after a tumble of Gaddafi and to Afghanistan dual weeks after a bombing in Mazar-i-Sharif, as quoted by The Sun. “Yes, my timing always seemed awful with visiting places when they were during fight or unrest,” he said.

Asquith has recommendation for people who wish to follow his path. “Just buy a sheet and go. Embrace it,” he said. “Life is too short; so suffer it and emanate memories to a fullest.” (kes)

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