Why we should acquire 2017 in these Indonesian cities

The whole archipelago is set to acquire 2017 and in several cities via Indonesia, celebrations are being prepared. Here is a list of seven Indonesian cities with their own New Year’s Eve activities and because we should cruise going to during slightest one of them.


Those who are in Bandung may consider visiting one of a city’s eminent streets, Jl. Asia Afrika, as it becomes a heart of New Year’s Eve events in a city. “There will be a New Year festival on Jl. Asia Afrika. It’s like car-free-night, though it is total with some-more eremite events such as istighosah (mass prayer) and a festival of Bandung citizens,” Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil told kompas.com. There will also be performances showcasing Bandung’s normal and complicated culture. Hungry? Worry not, as food trucks will be there to indulge visitors with a different array of culinary options. The travel will be closed during a event.


Boyolali regency in Central Java will underline 5 celebration shows and 17 other shows during a district level. The highlights will be the performance from mythological Indonesian rope Godbless and a fireworks during Alun-alun Kidul Kemiri. The Godbless unison will be accompanied by internal artists, such as Lotus, a leader of Boyolali Rock Festival 2016, Sintink, Waladalah and Tari Garuda Jaya, according to Antara news agency.


Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ubud and Kuta are still a tip destinations for year-end celebrations in Bali. The events include of song performances, live DJs, fireworks, stand-up comedy shows and many more. DestinAsian reports that Indonesian-born thespian Anggun will reason a special opening during Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua during a Festive Gala Dinner event. Guests can join a countdown and watch fireworks before relocating to an after celebration during Nikki Beach Bali. Prices start during Rp 3,000,000 per person. Contact +62 361 849 2888 for some-more information.

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Several hotels in Pekanbaru offer year-end events, including The Premiere hotel, according to tribunnews.com. Presenting a “Jungle Night Fever”-themed event, guest are approaching to wear infrequent attire. Indonesian thespian and former member of cocktail twin T2, Tiwi Sakuramoto, will perform a guests, along with DJ Pradhya Paramitha, D’Plust Band, Glossy Dancer, Farrel Magician and The Premiere Crew. Further information can be performed from +62 853 762 16360 or +62 761 789 1818.


Yogyakarta’s many function street, Malioboro, will be a heart of a city’s New Year celebrations. Those who wish to watch Indonesian normal wayang kulit (shadow puppet) shows can revisit a front area of a Yogyakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) bureau as it will be a venue of Pagelaran Wayang Kulit Spekta all night long. Titled Hastabratha, a shade puppet play will feature Ki Gondo Suharno from Yogyakarta’s Art Institute as a puppet master.


There will be 34 events in Semarang to acquire 2017. Various song performances will include dangdut, cocktail and stone as genres that will be performed by eminent internal artists, such as Via Vallen, Roy Jenociah (ex-Boomerang member), a Power Slaves organisation and a Sera dangdut group. For those who are some-more into artsy performances, cruise visiting the Festival Gong Tugu Muda from Semarang Art Council in Taman Menteri Supeno. Others wanting to watch shade puppet performances can go to Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, starting from 8 p.m.


Although a Surabaya supervision strictly canceled all year-end events in respect to healthy disasters that happened in Indonesia via 2016, it doesn’t mean travelers can't suffer their stay in this city. There will be a laser light game, mass praying, performances from hadrah artists and a nasi kotak feast in front of Surabaya’s landmark nearby a governor’s office. (asw)

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