Who’s adult for Bali? Last possibility to #GoCoconuts and win a lush trip, all on us!

The competition is roughly over, and shortly we’ll be picking a propitious leader of a #GoCoconuts contest. If you’re new to this, no worries! The esteem could still be yours since a competition is on until Jul 31. Here’s everything we need to know about #GoCoconuts.

Photo: Conrad Bali

The stairs are indeed flattering simple, just:

1. Follow @Coconuts on Instagram

2. Take a print or video that captures a uninformed and luscious suggestion of Coconuts

3. Hashtag #GoCoconuts on a post and geotag your post from these countries: Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Myanmar and you’re all set!

Easy peasy, right? The Coconuts group will collect a leader formed on a a juiciness of a print and caption. Yup, we’ll go by all a posts one by one. You can see some of a examples here. All we need is a phone and your creativity.

How sceptical will your friends be when they see we in pleasant paradise? Let us count a ways.

The esteem is a turn outing moody to Bali AND a celestial 3 night stay during Conrad Bali for two. Imagine waking adult with a pool only a few stairs from your big, plush bed in a lush Deluxe Lagoon Room. Take a discerning morning drop before breakfast; after suffer a blithe shun from a splendid blue sky with a cocktail by a lagoon. Indulge in a 90-minute massage, enclosed in a prize. Three days on a Island of a Gods is comprehensive paradise. Who could contend no to that? Not us!

Photo: Conrad Bali

Photo: Conrad Bali

You still have time though a time is ticking! The competition ends on Jul 31 and a leader will be announced shortly after. So, squeeze your phone, get artistic and #GoCoconuts!

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