Who Is Tiffany On ‘Bachelor Winter Games’? The Australian Blonde Is Ready To Go

You can get separated early on and still make a name for yourself on The Bachelor. Case in point: Tiffany Scanlon. The former Bachelor Australia contestant was sent home in a third part of a show’s fourth season, though now she’s headed to a U.S. for The Bachelor‘s latest spin-off. So, who is Tiffany on Bachelor Winter Games? The Aussie blonde has got Bachelor Nation’s (and Bachelor World’s) attention.

Let’s take it behind to where Tiffany’s existence TV tour all began… In 2016, Tiffany competed to win a heart of wire entrance technician Richie Strahan, and she even warranted a desired initial sense rose in a premiere. That respect wasn’t adequate to keep her on for many longer — Richie cut her time brief in week 3 when she was separated alongside dual other women. Fortunately for her, it doesn’t sound like she was really meddlesome in him. She told PopSugar Australia following her exit, “No, we don’t consider we was there prolonged adequate to be invested in him in anyway. While we would have desired to have had a date with Richie to get to know him better, we done a many of a time we was there.” Good to know.

But Tiffany’s Bachelor story didn’t finish there. Friendship blossomed into intrigue when she found adore with a associate competitor from Richie’s season, Megan Marx. The co-competitors went open with their attribute in Oct of 2016 after realizing their feelings on a Bali vacation. Marx even took to Instagram that month, deliberating their bond in a extensive birthday summary to Tiffany. Some of it read,

Despite a honeyed amicable media displays of affection, a span finished adult violation it off in early 2017. Tiffany blogged about a separate on her website, The Tiffany Times, opening adult on a supposed “price of fame” she paid after going open with her relationship.

Fast-forward to 2018. Tiffany is now behind in a headlines for another reason, as she’ll be one of general participants who will be competing on Bachelor Winter Games. The training director and transport partner from Perth seems like she’ll be bringing critical skills to Vermont. Just demeanour during her planking technique!

Tiffany isn’t a usually Aussie to repute down underneath on a series. Bachelorette alum Courtney Dober is also set to compete.

“The general contestants were engaging since we didn’t know what to design going into it… we consider that was one of a biggest draws for us, too,” Team USA (and important Bachelorette and BIP alum) Dean Unglert explained of a Winter Games experience.

“At initial we suspicion we were going to be cliquey,” Ashley Iaconetti noted, per her expectations for a amicable dynamic. “Us Americans, we’re all friends in genuine life. we hang out with Dean and Ben on a weekly basis, if not more, so we can’t suppose us vouchsafing people into this clique. But it was flattering instantaneous, we knew that everybody was going to get along. Because we share that identical knowledge of all being on Bachelor shows there’s something to speak about right off a bat.”

Ah, The Bachelor works a singular sorcery again, now ordering people from all over a globe.


Bachelor Winter Games premieres Tuesday, Feb. 13 during 8 p.m. ET on ABC. We demeanour brazen to finally saying Tiffany and a rest of a general Bach-testants in action.

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