Where-to Wednesday: Travel Girl tells us where to find Bali in Louisiana

NEW IBERIA, Louisiana – If we wish some unfamiliar aptitude though carrying to use your passport, a Travel Girl Stephanie Oswald has usually a place: Jefferson Island. It’s where you’ll find Rip Van Winkle Gardens, an oasis of semi-tropical plants and Asian architecture.

One of a many pleasing structures on a island is a Balinese gateway, built on a island of Bali in 2008, in a city of Batubulan — a place famous for consultant mill carvers who have been formulating masterpieces for generations. The gateway is a renouned environment for weddings, and, according to a island’s owners Mike Richard, a mill guardians in front of a embankment are there to make certain that couples don’t move any additional container into their marriage. The gateway faces west, while a integrate heads toward a east, a instruction of a rising sun.

You’ll also find a Japanese Tea House, several bells and a Burmese gong, all placed amid a greenery — and not all a plants are green! There’s blue bamboo and copiousness of flowers to mangle adult a shades of green. Waterfalls and peacocks are also partial of a oh-so-tranquil setting. Something truly special: There are about 15 peacocks strutting around a grounds, mostly sitting adult in a trees and on a rooftops.

Travel Girl tip: Book good in allege if we are meditative of spending a night, as there are usually a handful of bedrooms accessible and they fill adult fast. Rates are $120 and taxation Sunday by Thursday, and $150 and taxation Friday and Saturday. Bed and breakfast accommodations embody a nominal debate of a Joseph Jefferson House and total entrance to a gardens. Tours of a 22-room Victorian-era palace are $10 for day visitors. The overnight accommodations are inside a few of a plantation’s outbuildings.

Joseph Jefferson was an actor and an artist, famous for personification a starring purpose of Rip Van Winkle all around a world.

“All a approach from London to Sydney, Australia and opposite a United States,” says Mike RIchard.


“He had his possess tyrannise cars that he trafficked in with his unit and all their props. This was a many critical purpose that Joe Jefferson played in his life and it done him a abounding man.”

Rich adequate to squeeze a island, and build his palace in 1870. In 1923, buried value was detected underneath twin ash trees; it is rumored to be a accumulate of French bandit Jean Lafitte. Some of a bullion coins that were dug adult are on arrangement in a mansion, though a abounding prerogative for today’s visitors is a fun of evading to another place and time.


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