Where to go in Bali: A beam to must-visit areas outward of Seminyak

Tell an Aussie you’re travelling to Bali and a strenuous response is: “oh, I’ll send we my list”. It’s recently been hailed a number one float destination and this comes as no warn when a inexpensive abroad shun is as easy as a latest Jetstar sale colliding with a accrual of adequate annual leave.

The liquid of Aussie holiday-goers into Seminyak has grown thick and fast, and many lists are now filled with Seminyak’s pool bars, boozy restaurants and clubs free-pouring tequila. But there’s another list flourishing sensitively behind a scenes, dim in a inbox of those travelling distant over a traveller scene. Think uncharted waters, primitive beaches, refreshing adventures, and café life giving Melbourne a run for a money.

It’s a list that forced a 5 week outing to cheekily hurl into a dual month shun (whoops!) and my holiday shortly developed into a approach of life suggestive of a thousands of Aussie expats vital here.

That’s a sorcery of Bali; she dazzles and coerces we into deliberately blank your moody and staying a tiny (or a lot) longer. It’s presumably a tangible suggestion of a island, a Balinese’ laid-back inlet or a mind-blowing farrago of a land. Regardless, it goes distant over a few cocktails in Seminyak. So here’s my list. Keep it quiet.


A tiny (but discerning expanding) beachside city 30 mins from Seminyak, Canggu is home to a Deus Temple of Enthusiasm and a flourishing series of Aussie expats. The city consists of usually a few streets though is sparse with well-developed cafes, bars and a upsurge on outcome of good coffee; creatives.

We’re articulate all a conform designer/blogger/creative executive forms customarily firm to Bondi or LA. It’s an easy day outing by scooter (for a adore of Daft Punk, wear a helmet) though we rarely suggest anticipating a villa and spending a week here sanctimonious this is your new home and you’re many cooler than we indeed are.

Holidays should always be guided by a stomach, so let it take a lead here and start a morning during Crate where crushed avo is no some-more than $5 and a coffee is tops. The owner, Maree, who is Sydney innate and bred, spent dual months trialling coffee beans to find a ideal caffeine hit. Why? Because Maree’s pro-fun and what could be some-more fun. Also because coffee’s critical and deserves adequate time and respect.

The silt is dim here and a H2O is distant from transparent clear, so hang to swimming poolside. However, a waves are ideal for longboarding so sinecure a house on a foreshore and book a internal doctrine if a nerves hit. If land is some-more your jam, afterwards a yoga category during The Practice is value a object salute usually to see a fit out. Lunch is best spent during Nude or Shady Shack; consider health food, charming salads and a ridiculously vast smoothie selection.

There are few sunsets improved than Bali sunsets (long, radiant, balmy, etc) that are enjoyed many with a cocktail or drink in hand. If you’re feeling fancy, chuck on your brightest dress and conduct to The Lawn for drinks and a best perspective in town. Order a caramel and white chocolate espresso martini immediately and cheers to my libation recommendation later. Otherwise infrequent sundowners are found during Old Man’s in a association of backpackers swanning in off a beach.

If we usually have one night in town, do cooking during The Slow. Owned by Ksubi co-founder George Gorrow and his mother Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, it’s a boutique hotel with a modern-mid century fit out and a side of cool. When you’re not ogling during a design (which is a couple’s personal collection) you’re ‘mmmming’ over a food. The cocktails and share plates roar costly cooking though a check is surprisingly small.

Canggu rumbles louder mid-week with a bar rascals’ rolling in from Seminyak to strike Old Man’s on Wednesday and Pretty Poison on Thursday. It’s not everyone’s crater of tea, though a bar lines an dull swimming pool incited movement play that is heaving on Thursday nights when a weekly movement comp is held. Cheap beers, cocktails, giveaway tattoos. Lords of Dogtown, eat your heart out.

My unrestrained for this place exceeds that of a Deus’ Temple, so put Canggu during a tip of your list.

Bukit (Uluwatu/Bingin)

The Bukit peninsula sits sensitively and quietly in Bali’s south, meaningful she boasts ridiculously monumental coastlines and views few can contest with. Uluwatu and Bingin are comprehensive must-stops, and destinations estimable of treating yourself.

If you’re peaceful to scapegoat a hole in your bank change Karma Kandara is a place to spend it. The hotel, that comprises of about 50 private villas built into a precipice face in Uluwatu, is home to an expanded perspective no difference are worthy. This is enjoyed best from a perpetually pool or restaurant, di Mare, though if a grill is too exxy, cocktail upstairs for a few drinks during a bar where a perspective is usually as fabulous. Catch a gondola down to a primitive beach and spend a light-filled hours reading a good book in between swims. The H2O doesn’t get clearer than here, so anything reduction than 3 swims a day is wasteful.

On a conflicting side of a precipice is Bingin, an insinuate and singular encampment dim in a slot of seashore between Padang Padang and Dreamland. The high finish hotels lay during a tip of a cliff, so if you’re feeling posh stay during Temple Lodge or Mu and Boho for a modern, heterogeneous escape.

The heart of a encampment and many affordable accommodation are situated during a bottom of a precipice that is good news for those on a budget. The float down could be mistaken for one in a Greek Islands if a staircase wasn’t so mismatched. You shortly learn this is zero though Bali charm.

The H2O is primitive here, however it is a embankment mangle so surfers are anxious though swimmers need to be careful. Have fish on a beach one night (you see a locals locate your cooking during a day) and regardless of your accommodation choice cocktail into Temple Lodge for a morning yoga class, breakfast, and another visible feast of a coastline.


You revisit Ubud for one of 3 reasons; to douse yourself in a spiritual/yoga scene, a jungle-like turf or a food. we trafficked there for a yoga though found myself enthralled in a food stage that goes distant over vegan salad bowls (although you’ll find them in contentment here). The pretence with Bali is it’s distant easier and cheaper to eat out, that is superb news for foodies since infrequent cooking are endless. Local vegan favourites embody Kismet, Clear Café and Sage (for a adore of healthy sugar, sequence a coconut cake!) and we rarely suggest a cacao smoothie daily.

For those not detoxing, a best Negroni in city (and presumably a universe) can be found during Hujan Locale. The grill is a must-stop in Ubud and a brainchild of former Longrain cook Will Meyrick.

Meyrick enthralled himself in a Indonesian street-food stage before opening his restaurants in Bali, that is clear in Hujan Locale’s menu. Designed to share, a ‘farm to plate’ character grill facilities well-developed Indonesian dishes all finished with a high finish execution Meyrick is famous for. Order a Ikan Pepes or perpetually bewail it.

Between meals, fill your Ubud days visiting Akasha, Yoga Barn, Jungle Fish, The Green School and a outing adult (and down) Mount Batur by feet or bike. Infinity Mountain Biking do refreshing guided rides down a volcano, where you’ll take in a landscape by a unique, adrenalin-fuelled experience. Not one for a gloomy hearted.

Gili Islands

Welcome to a Gili Paradox, where primitive waters yield no improved credentials to relax, though a abounding merrymaking stage might leave we hungover in your hotel room. Gili T is by distant a largest and many touristy of all 3 islands, and an zealous disciple for partying. If you’re already engagement a flight, stay during Le Pirate. If we have a rubber arm though enterprise quiet, beachside days, stay away. You’ll find a some-more rational knowledge during Gili Meno and Gili Air where snorkeling and bookworm time is clearly endless.

Gili Air has a best of both worlds; willing with a decent array of low-key bars and affordable, peculiarity restaurants. Catch a nightfall with a cocktail during Mowies and don’t skip cooking during Scallywags. If you’re seeking remoteness, revisit Gili Meno. You can find affordable accommodation when we arrive on a island, though if we wish to provide yourself stay in a bungalow during Karma Reef or book out a private shun with friends during The Crusoe House.

Regardless of that island we choose, do yourself a humongous foster and deposit in a vessel outing over. The discerning boats are 90 mins though when they contend ‘fast-boat’ they meant ‘fast-boat-once-you-get-on-the-boat’. We’re all bustling and float time is changed so equivocate watchful on a wharf for 4 hours and spend a tiny some-more on transport. we suggest Gili Getaway or Blue Water Express. The float is smooth, though many importantly quick, so we can suffer ‘island time’ indeed on an island.

Disclaimer: Discovering this list might lead to missed flights and extended holidays, though worse things have happened overseas, like many conform purchases.


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