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What’s a Boeing 737 doing in an deserted chase in Bali?

The deserted jet has no identifying markings.

The deserted jet has no identifying markings.

Bali’s newest traveller captivate has zero to do with beaches, blue skies or inexpensive beer. It’s most foreigner than that. 

Perched incongruously in a center of an deserted quarry, usually 5 mins from bustling Pandawa Beach on Bali’s southern coast, is an deserted Boeing 737 newcomer jet. 

Nobody knows how it got there, or because (or if they do, they’re not saying). The craft itself, nude of identifying markings, offers no clues. It’s simply parked adult on a grass, nearby a integrate of shipping containers and a outline hut. 

It’s also right subsequent to a bustling highway, ensuring a solid tide of extraordinary tourists penetrating to take a look. Because a craft sits on private property, they have to compensate for a privilege. The landowners, presumably penetrating to strengthen their new income stream, have commissioned gates, a fence and a confidence guard. 

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Local rumours advise a craft might have been unfailing for a new life as a restaurant, though a owners ran out of money. 

Whatever a case, it’s a strike with thrill-seeking travellers – several have posted videos and cinema documenting their query to applause eyes on Bali’s “lost” jet.

Even weirder, it’s not Bali’s usually poser plane. There’s another deserted newcomer jet about 8km north. 

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