What This 76-Year-Old Man Can Teach About Healing

I Gusti Mangku Sasak, a 76-year-old Balinese healer, starts and ends any day by meditating: He focuses on his third eye, a tip of his nose, a tip of his tongue and his throat. He afterwards goes to a rice fields, where he works with his son. When he earnings home, around dusk, patients come from his encampment in a regency of Gianyar and beyond.

He is a third-generation healer who has elementary recommendation for well-being: “Know oneself, be in control of your food intake and be wakeful of your body.”

I Gusti Mangku is one of about 8,000 healers, or “Bailians,” capable in Usada Bali, a ancient use of regulating medicinal plants, oils, spices and spices, as good as hands-on holistic therapies and ancient teachings, to provide earthy and mental pains. In Bali, a range in Indonesia that has a race of some-more than four million people, healers outnumber doctors by 4 to one.

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