West Bengal: Tollywood integrate starts ‘shop of god’ to assistance Sundarban people

West Bengal: Tollywood integrate starts ‘shop of god’ to assistance Sundarban peopleLast year, as many as 11 people mislaid lives in Sunderbans Tiger Reserve (STR) area, as per a news in Times of India. Several families in a area remove their solitary breadwinner in many cases. To assistance such homes, Tollywood luminary integrate – Debleena Dutt Mukherjee and Tathagata Mukherjee – have started a eminent initiative.

This luminary integrate launched ‘The emporium of God’ during Bali Island in Sundarban.

Tollywood integrate during Shop of God in Sundarbans

The integrate started this plan in Jan 2018 with a assistance of an classification named FEED. With support from a amicable groups, they collect clothes, shoes, utensils, among other things and give it to a family of a victims.

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The emporium of God has already distributed 10 thousand clothes. This plan will be taken in Purulia, Asansol and a tea gardens of North Bengal in future.

A lady receives domicile equipment from emporium of god

Avijit Debnath, Amitava Chakraborty, Sujoy Das Mohapatra and Dr. Apurba Chatterjee are also concerned in this project.

The Indian apportionment of Sunderbans covers an area of 9600 s km opposite 102 island. However, usually 54 of these islands are inhabited by humans; a rest are thick timberland area, that is home to a Royal Bengal Tiger and other singular flora and fauna.

A male regulating house of a gift investiture in Sundarbans

Read a story in Bengali here

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