Wayfarer Bread & Pastry to open in Bird Rock this summer

Wayfarer’s tasty collection of croissants. If you’d like to try them during an arriving pop-up, come early to kick a throng - they sell out quickly.


Crystal White, renter and baker.


While a village of Bird Rock is obvious for a scenic widen of La Jolla Boulevard, full with roundabouts, restaurants and boutique stores, one thing seemed to be lacking – a bakery. Come midsummer, however, a desirable coastal village will see a birth of Wayfarer Bread Pastry, an workman bakery, fritter emporium and assembly locale. Although an accurate date is nonetheless to be pinned down, locals are carefree that date will tumble in Jun – per a needing process.

The bakery will take a place of Cali Street Tacos, located during 5521 La Jolla Blvd.

Crystal White, renter of a stirring bakery, has been perfecting her qualification over a past 17- and years. Originally from a Bay Area, White says she “worked in each bakery around Napa until attending a Culinary Institute of America. Shortly thereafter, she co-founded Proof Bakery in Los Angeles, that is still in business after apropos a “cult darling.” White afterwards spent a subsequent 5 years during Tartine Bakery in San Francisco.

Throughout this continued training experience, White voiced that “it was always an eventuality that we would open my possess bakery, a categorical doubt was ‘Where?’”

Initially captivated to San Diego for a culture, tighten vicinity to Mexico and almighty sunshine, White took a large jump and around May 1, 2017, due to friends’ encouragement, began holding pop-ups during IronSmith Coffee Roaster in Encinitas and Tribute Pizza in North Park, utilizing a oven during a latter to govern her menu. Wayfarer can still be found during both OB Beans in Ocean Beach (Fridays) and IronSmith (Sundays) until solitary out.

White voiced that after collecting appropriation from a successful Kickstarter campaign, she still found it formidable to enter a behest fight opposite vital grill groups with unconstrained financial backing.

“I’m a solitary owner, so when I’d find a location, it was easy for them to outbid me,” she said. “Also, we suspicion entering a North Park area, where there are already so many options, would be flattering tough. we got super propitious in anticipating this plcae in Bird Rock. So far, everybody I’ve talked to has been super excited, given there isn’t a bakery in Bird Rock proper.”

Which brings us to her menu. White has eventually used her past knowledge to emanate a verified menu of classical country sourdough, multi-seed and olive loaves. On a sweeter note, Wayfarer croissants are offering as a classic, chocolate, delicious ham and cheese, strawberry pistachio, cinnamon bun and tangerine cream bun. Also, we will be looking to offer indiscriminate options to internal restaurants.”

“We’re still watchful for a City to finish a needing process, though we do have a drink and booze license,” White said. “We’ll yield a classical Wayfarer menu, though will also offer uninformed baguettes [baked daily], boiled egg sandwiches and IronSmith coffee.

When stirred about either she had any cooking knowledge outward of baking, White certified to carrying spent time on a line in a past.

“I have been told that cooking is like painting, in that if we disaster something up, we can scold it. On a other hand, baking is like photography. Once it goes in a oven, there’s no editing it,” White said.

And what does she like about a San Diego grill and bar scene?

“I unequivocally adore Tribute Pizza, Little Lion Cafe and Royale in Ocean Beach,” she said. “Also, I’m a fool for a tiki-bar scene. Nothing beats being on a Bali Hai rug examination troops maneuvers go down opposite a harbor.”

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