Walking Fish on Bali Beach Surprises French Diver (Video)

A French prepare who went for a dive during a beach of Bali found a fish walking around a seafloor on a legs, filmed it and put it on a Internet suspecting that it was a stingfish that is poisonous. Soon a video has left viral as National geographic picked a story.

Emeric Benhalassa told National Geographic  in an email:”The stingfish came to accommodate me substantially interjection to a light… weird and flattering … we suspicion that this could greatfully a Internet.” Soon scientists reliable that a peculiar quadruped is expected a member of a classification Minous, some-more ordinarily famous as stingfish.

“They have venom glands during a bottom of a dorsal spines and when a spine is pushed into a person’s skin, a venom is radically injected into a wound,” pronounced Jeff Williams, ichthyologist during a Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Though stingfish doesn’t have legs, tools of a fish’s pectoral fins have distant by evolution, explained Hiroyuki Motomura, a sea biologist during a Kagoshima University Museum in Japan. Stingfish use these “pectoral filaments” to examine a sand for worms and crustaceans.

Williams categorizes it as a stingfish, Minous trachycephalus though Leo Smith, an ichthyologist during a University of Kansas’s Biodiversity Institute, disagrees citing tail color. “I don’t consider it is M. trachycephalus since M. trachycephalus has a tail with swapping dim and light stripes,” he said.

Stuart Poss, an ichthyology investigate associate during a California Academy of Sciences, says that it could be another M. quincarinatus, of a whitetail goblinfish. Or it could be an wholly a new species, as Motomura believes.

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