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Tourists suffer a drop in a pool during a Warwick Fiji Resort Spa in Sigatoka. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

FIJI can't be compared with Asian destinations in terms of traveller arrivals, according to a Minister for Tourism Faiyaz Koya.

Mr Koya done this criticism when asked if a flourishing recognition of Asian destinations among Australians influenced caller arrivals into a country.

According to Mr Koya a caller arrivals from Australia and New Zealand were still large with a slight tellurian diminution in Chinese visitors.

“Australia and New Zealand is still big, a expansion areas India and China have had increases too, though we consider around a universe slight diminution in Chinese visitors, though we have had good numbers from everywhere,” Mr Koya said.

He pronounced destinations like Bali were opposite from Fiji and could not be compared as both had opposite offerings.

“I don’t consider it is a comparison, Bali and Fiji we are a opposite kettle of fish, Bali is a finish on a possess it has a possess marketplace during a finish of a day. Fiji and Bali are no comparison if we unequivocally demeanour during it,” he said.

“Fiji is singular in a marketing, Fiji is singular as a finish for tourists. So we don’t like to review it with Bali.”

Mr Koya serve combined that a tourism attention in Fiji does not aim specific markets, though directed during creation yields.

“People who go on holiday don’t review Bali and Fiji it is a opposite kettle of fish. We don’t privately aim one marketplace a aim is to get yield.”

The month of Aug saw a sum of 82,316 caller arrivals that is an boost from Aug 2016, however a caller arrivals for Aug this year showed a diminution from July.

There was an boost in arrivals from Australia, New Zealand and Asia with decreases remarkable from China European countries as of Aug this year.

Meanwhile a sum earning of visitors from Australia stood during $20.9m for a initial entertain of a year, followed by New Zealand with $40.3m.

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