Underwater world: a best places for diving in Bali

If you’ve ever been to South East Asia and wanted to see a dim wonders of your holiday destination, afterwards scuba diving is for you. We all know that a Indonesian Island of Bali offers pleasing beaches, perspective and continue as good as a fanciful informative believe though many who revisit are unknowingly of a tip underwater world.

As a republic mesmerized by a sea creatures witnessed in a new array of Blue Planet II, some-more and some-more people are looking into diving holidays. Indonesia has some of a Southern Hemisphere’s many sought-after diving and it’s transparent to see why.

Home to a immeasurable array of pleasant fish, miles on miles of colourful coral reefs and overwhelming topography, diving around Bali is an impossibly well-rounded experience.

Where should we go?

It is probable to dive all over a archipelago though a few places mount out for charity a truly singular believe for divers of all standards.

Divers watchful during a aspect prepared to descend 

Komodo National Park:

The Komodo Islands are situated in a sequence of Indonesian islands to a easterly of Bali. The infancy of a Komodo islands are void and can usually be accessed around a moody to a beside island Flores and afterwards a vessel outing to strech a inhabitant park.

The islands offer pretentious diving with an huge series of impracticable coral reefs and unchanging sightings of sharks, including white-tip, black tip, bamboo and grey embankment sharks. Graceful hulk mantas are found during several dive sites, a clever currents and plankton-rich waters of a area providing their ideal habitat.  Growing to adult to eight metres across, these peaceful creatures are underneath hazard opposite a universe due to a value of their tails and other viscera in Chinese medicine.  The Komodo National Park standing here, during least, offers insurance for all a sea life.

The 102-year-old German Adelaar dive vessel in a Komodo Islands 

The best approach to revisit a Komodo islands is on a live-aboard boat.

The German owned Adelaar, a 102 year aged Dutch-built schooner has been beautifully refitted to embody 4 oppulance cabins, sleeping 8 guests, peaceful community areas and initial category dive comforts (including Nitrox) and dual tenders. The Dive Masters’ believe of a sites, currents and conditions safeguard guest dive (and snorkel) safely blank nothing of a unusual fish and plant life that flower here.  

The rug of The Adelaar boasts a relaxing live space 

The vessel sails from Bali to Komodo and behind over a 10 day journey that includes adult to 30 dives, several seaside walks be it to a waterfall, a fanciful perspective indicate or even a lake that has usually existed in an aged volcanic void given it was flooded by a 2004 Tsunami.

The above H2O prominence has to be a transport among famous Komodo dragons. The dragons live furious on a islands of Komodo and Rinca and seem pretty pliable until they are hungry; when sport they can strech adult to 50km/h.   

A Komodo dragon from a islands 


The encampment of Tulamben is on a north easterly seashore of Bali and a famous mark for mutilate diving. The USAT Liberty is a universe recognized dive site that divers transport distant and far-reaching to explore. A US warship, it was pounded by a Japanese in WW2 and deserted on a beach by a US Navy until a circuitously Mount Agung volcano erupted in 1963, pulling a vessel from a beach into a water.

Diving a Liberty Wreck 

The mutilate separate in half and remarkably now lies during a ideal dive abyss operation of 3 meters, to a deepest indicate during 30 metres (the limit abyss for many recreational divers.) Due to a sarcasm of a stem it is probable to snorkel a mutilate too. The mutilate has now determined a possess embankment life with corals, decorated fish and critters with unchanging visits by turtles, octopus, bump-head parrotfish and a peculiar shark.

A moray eel speckled among a coral in Tulamben 

Tauch Terminal resort is ideally situated in front of a Liberty mutilate dive site, a accommodation is delightful, atmospheric and a breakwater of satisfaction between a scooters and trade of a encampment and a several dive sites permitted from a shore. The dive propagandize caters for all levels from initial timers to experts. All PADI courses are taught and glorious apparatus sinecure is available.

The Tauch Terminal review in Tulamben 

Nusa Lembongan:

The tiny Island of Nusa Lemongan and a incomparable and hardly inhabited neighbour Nusa Penida rest between Bali and Lombok and yield superb diving and surfing.

Only permitted by vessel (from Sanur or Padang Bai in Bali), it has usually recently started to rise as a traveller plcae and a unspoilt atmosphere creates it a really special place to stay. 

The perspective of a nightfall from Nusa Lembongan ()

The varying currents and H2O temperatures (from 27c down to a cold 18c) of a dive sites meant a possibility to see pleasant fish and pelagics frequency seen during other Balinese dive sites. Nusa Penida’s eminent ‘Manta-bay’ and ‘Manta-Point’ dive sites are home to families of several manta-breeds as good as an collection of stingrays. Research has shown that it has turn a renouned tact mark for these stately creatures; it is one of a few places in a universe to have unchanging sitings of youth mantas.

The star of a show, however, is a rarely-sighted Mola fish. These weird looking creatures date behind millions of years, a largest bony fish on a planet, they are famous for their peculiar made bodies: flattened widthways, they have tiny connected mouths, dual huge fins and no tail, creation them taller than they are long.

The rarely-sited Mola Mola during Manta Bay in Nusa Lembongan

Weighing adult to 1000kg and measuring adult to 10 feet high, Molas or Sunfish live low within a ocean, infrequently kilometres next sea turn in cold, dim water. The waters off Nusa Penida and Lembongan, are one of a few places on Earth where they come adult to shallower inlet between May and Oct to be spotless by other tiny fish in a warmer waters.

The peaceful giants are deliberate one of a many weirdly smashing fish to come opposite when diving, if we are propitious adequate to see one it is an believe not to be forgotten.

The perspective of Nusa Penida from Nusa Lembongan 

Twin Island Resort and Dive Centre is a good choice for a personal diving experience. Run by British-born diver Kipp Hennen, his unrestrained is infectious, distinct many dive centres that are shore-based this one is centred in a hills during a bijoux Twin Island Villas. A expostulate down hilly roads by pleasant foliage feels like rising from a jungle and entering bliss as your pack is installed on to a vessel moored in a channel between a dual islands.  The outing out to a dive sites is spectacular. The southern seashore of Penida is Jurassic, with waves crashing opposite cliffs, abounding birds above and frolicking dolphins all adding to a anticipation.

Take a demeanour during a video to get a clarity of what it’s like to dive in a waters of Indonesia. 




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