Unable to re-attach his arm though saved his leg.

August 12

HP investigated a burglary of some skill that was taken from a vessel in a A-2 Americas Cup Harbor.

August 11

HP located an adrift vessel in a area of a Grape Street Piers. The vessel was impounded for being a jeopardy to navigation and stored during a HP Impound dock.

August 10

HP assisted a State Parole Officer as he arrested a theme onboard a vessel in a A-3 Laurel Street Anchorage.

HP were contacted and documented a burglary of skill from a vessel out in a Zuniga Jetty anchorage.

August 7

HP released a reference to a theme who was moored in a Harbor Police guest slips though a permit, after he was formerly warned about it.

August 5

HP investigated a vessel collision off of a Marriott Marina where a tiny energy vessel (RIB) strike a vast arise caused by another vessel transiting a area. As a user strike a arise it forced his vessel to erratically gaunt to starboard and he incidentally pushed on a throttles, forcing it into a tough turn. The user was immediately ejected and due to not wearing a close off lanyard, a vessel began branch in a pointy clockwise circle. Upon a vessel’s third circle, it struck a user disjunction his arm off and roughly his leg. Another vessel rammed a encircling vessel so it would not strike him again, presumably saving his life. The theme was taken out of a H2O by USCG and was taken to a nearest wharf for travel to hospital. Medical staff was incompetent to re-attach his arm though saved his leg.

HP were called to examine a stolen vessel from a area of a Bali Hai Restaurant. HP documented a news and a integrate days after was told that a owners located his vessel during a opposite north brook marina.

August 4

HP contacted a theme on a post for fishing as he was underneath a pointer saying “No Fishing”. The theme was warned and was again contacted after in a same area fishing again. He was afterwards released a citation.

August 3

HP Responded to a Shelter Island jetty to examine a domestic assault call. The occurrence was documented and a integrate concluded to a subdivision for a night.

August 2

HP responded to a Coronado Cays for a vessel fire. The energy vessel left a wharf and shortly began smoking from a engine compartment. By a time a user returned to a dock, a vessel’s engine cell was on fire. All passengers jumped to a wharf and a vessel was shortly adrift in a area as it became entirely engulfed in flames. HP and Coronado Fire extinguished a glow and HP dewatered a vessel. HP afterwards done notifications to a environmental agencies for some petroleum products in a water.

July 31

HP located a stolen vessel and returned it to a owners in a north brook marina.

HP responded to a area of a journey boat depot for a theme in a water. HP assisted a theme out of a H2O as he was holding on to a piling. The theme was taken to County Mental Health due to his demeanor.

July 30

HP located a vessel adrift in a area of a A-3 Laurel Street Anchorage. The vessel was impounded for being a jeopardy to navigation and stored during a HP Impound dock.

HP was dispatched to a area of Anthony’s Fish Grotto for a 55-gallon drum in a water. HP found a drum contained fuel that was solemnly leaking out. Notifications were done for a responding questioning agencies and clean-up.

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