Ukrainian lady who attempted self-murder with son in Bali to be deported

The Ukrainian lady who wanted to follow her son and dedicate self-murder in Bali will be deported behind to her home country, military have said.

Local fishermen stopped Ukrainian inhabitant Sazonava Luydmila Alexandrovna alias Mila, 53, from drowning herself on a North Bali beach on Apr 4. The fishermen weren’t discerning enough, however, to save Mila’s son, Sazonova Roman Sefeevich, 36, who apparently killed himself usually moments before his mother’s rescue.

Both mom and son had tied themselves adult so they would drown when in a ocean, according to internal reports. It’s purported that a span wanted to finish their possess lives since they had run out of income after they had been attacked in Kuta. They had reportedly been staying on a travel in Lovina, before their attempted double suicide.

Indonesian immigration contend they have been consulting on a box with a Consulate General of Ukraine in Indonesia and a conditions is being entirely handed over to a consulate so Mila can be deported behind to her home country.

Mila has pronounced that she doesn’t wish her son’s physique to lapse with her to Ukraine and she would like for him to be cremated in Buleleng, Bali, a regency on a island where he took his possess life, according to Thomas Aries Munandar, conduct of Singaraja Immigration office’s review and coercion division.

“Mila asked if he can be laid to rest here, a consulate has asked. We are still watchful on a final decision,” Munandar said, as quoted by Merdeka

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