TUNE IN: Luxury Escapes is behind for a third season

Time to accumulate around your tellies people, since Luxury Escapes: The World’s Best Holidays is entrance behind to Australian screens for a third season!


The 13-part transport series, that is constructed by oppulance holiday site, Luxury Escapes, in partnership with American Express, follows presenters Sophie Falkiner and Shane Jolley as they try 22 destinations – from a primitive shoreline of a Maldives to a dried plains of Kenya.

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The dual parasite off bucket list practice while staying in some of a many luxe accommodation on offer.

We held adult with Falkiner during a launch of a third season at Sydney’s Jade Temple final night to find out some-more about what we can design from this season.

She told us her fave plcae form this deteriorate was wily to confirm on.

“It would have to be a toss-up between New Zealand, going to a Annandale Villas that were finish rockstar villas. They were sensational, unforgettable,” She enthused. 

“And I’d substantially contend Bali as well, I’ve been to Bali 8 times though I’ve never stayed in Uluwatu before. I stayed during a Alila Villas and it was such a beautiful, serene, enchanting place to stay. They had a pleasing forever pool that went off into a sea and it was only stunning. we desired it.”

Falkiner told us her favourite partial about transport is a experiences.

“Beautiful accommodation is always good and we always get good accommodation if we book by Luxury Escapes though I’m all about massages and going to spas,” she said. 

“I also unequivocally like to get out and knowledge a enlightenment and see what a locals are doing. I consider a good to spend time in pleasing resorts and hotels though we consider partial of a beauty of transport is to unequivocally accommodate people and know who they are and what they’re about and learn something from your travels.”

Despite her adore for spas and oppulance villas, Falkiner is an journey traveller during heart.

I’ve finished white H2O rafting during a really frightful level, I’ve finished skydiving, parasailing, we name it.

“I’ve been so sanctified I’ve been means to knowledge these extraordinary activities. But we like a bit of adrenaline. we like to feel alive.”

So there we have it, folks, balance in this Saturday during 6 pm on Network 10 to follow Falkiner and Jolley’s adventures.

And if you’re feeling quite desirous by what we see, any end featured will be matched with some flattering good deals on a Luxury Escapes website!

Here’s a outline of what we can design this season:


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