Traveller letters: Escape Bali bogans during this tip Balinese paradise


Like Craig Tansley (Traveller,  April 8) I, too, was looking to shun a hedonism of south Bali and conduct for a hills. we found my obscurity in East Bali in a small strand encampment called Jasri. Stunning landscapes, normal villages, cows extending serenely beside a road, pleasing women with their heads piled high with charming offerings on their approach to a church – this is a genuine Bali – the Bali we initial fell in adore with scarcely 40 years ago.

Jann Burmester, Byron Bay, NSW


I know there are a lot of complaints about word and this is another one, though with a accessible approach comparison.  We went on a family ski outing to a United States  in Jan with a  adult children and their partners. 

To make certain a adult son had transport insurance, we bought  a process for him with Covermore.  His partner bought  travel word with QBE. 

They were due to fly out of Hayden airfield to join their moody out of Los Angeles.  I had been delicately examination a continue in a faith that continue events are  not lonesome by transport insurance.  We were  prepared to make other arrangements should a continue deteriorate. 

Our son and his partner arrived during Hayden airfield on a poetic winter’s day and were installed on to a plane.  They were offloaded when there was a hydrolic problem and reloaded usually to be offloaded again.  The airline, United, put them all adult in a hotel for a night and released dish vouchers, no problem there and a moody eventually went out a subsequent day, 20 hours late. 

However since a Qantas moody out of Los Angeles was missed they were forced to buy new tickets that we suspicion would be lonesome by a transport insurance.  No understanding for a son.  It was forked out to us by Covermore that they privately bar moody check due to engine trouble, though apparently do cover moody check due to weather. we am not certain how it is probable to lessen for engine trouble.

Our son’s partner claimed from QBE and was refunded all though a excess. 

Patricia Croxson, Mosman, NSW 


Your essay about a 50th anniversary of Singapore Airlines drifting to Australia (Traveller, April 1-2) brought behind happy memories. In 1976 as 20-somethings, we embarked on a initial abroad outing drifting with Singapore Airlines commencement a adore of transport that has lasted into a 60s.  And we still fly with SIA and their use stays during a same high customary we gifted on that initial trip.   Our initial moody to London from Melbourne landed in Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, Bahrain, Rome and Frankfurt before finally nearing in London.  What a marathon journey.  Thank integrity we can now transport there with usually one stop.  

Brenda Hateley, Mulgrave, Victoria 


I recently cancelled my Qantas hotel engagement and was due for a full refund. However we did not accept any reinstate of a engagement and usually detected this some-more than a month after when we checked my credit label statement. When we called a call centre, we was sensitive that there had been an blunder in estimate my engagement so it had not been refunded. Had we not checked my credit label statements we competence not have realised a mistake and competence have been out of slot by $630.

Caitlin Lim, Sylvania Waters, NSW


Travelling to Europe late final year on an Emirates A380, we had a bad fitness of an party section that unsuccessful 4  hours into a Melbourne-Changi-Dubai leg. It was no outrageous problem; a moody attendants were apologetic and done steady attempts to repair a issue. You can suppose my dishonesty when, dual weeks after during Prague, we boarded a really same aircraft (I even checked a registration) during a really same chair – with a still damaged party unit. we wrote to Emirates, who offering me 40,000 Skywards points, that we can during slightest redeem on Qantas domestic flights – but not until subsequent year when we spin 18. What are a chances?

Peter Thomas, Sunshine, VIC 


A Jetstar moody from Melbourne to Hawaii on Mar 5 during 4.35pm  was behind until 7am a subsequent morning, my son and daughter-in-law from Ballarat had to stay overnight during a hotel. Jetstar betrothed accommodation and dish payment to a value of $180 each.  When creation a explain a integrate were told that they would accept $100 any as Jetstar moody vouchers. Emails to Jetstar requesting cash, not vouchers, has had no outcome so far.  Allianz Insurance will not repay them for their additional costs in Hawaii due to a check in Melbourne. It was a  bad knowledge for a holiday they saved 3 years for.

Susan Featherstone, Buninyong, Vic 


Thank you, Rob Whiting, (Traveller letters, April 1-2) for redressing some of a biased stories created about a American cousins. Coincidentally, we visited with dual immature boys  and all a practice were magic. We flew to Chicago, hired a automobile and gathering around a Great Lakes. On a initial dusk we attempted to check in to a motel, though it was full due to a large fishing tournament. The man on a table pronounced “no problem, you’ll have to expostulate another 100 miles as all is requisitioned around here, though I’ll call forward to a friend and make certain we get a room for a night – take care, Aussies!” 

Peter Reynolds, Gilmore, ACT


Having been a tellurian traveller for many years, and a reader of Traveller Letters for roughly as long, we have review forever about great kids, common meals, overweight beyond luggage and etiquette queues. Have we now, perhaps, reached rise complaint?

David Harkness, Switzerland


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