TRAVEL REVIEW: The Park Lane hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

So distinct many people who vacation in a summer, we had a initial large holiday of 2016 right during a finish of a year.  And in loyal reversion fashion, I’m reviewing one of a hotels we stayed during now.

So after going by a few finish options – Japan, India, and an African safari, we motionless to opt for Bali. We figured Japan would be reduction than pleasant in winter, India competence be a worry when it comes to removing visas, and we were told Nairobi, a place for African safaris, had issues around safety.

Squeezing in a city break

As we were travelling to Bali, we figured it would be a contrition not to see some-more of a country, and fist in something of a mini-break.

You see, while many people competence find dual full weeks on a pleasant island tranquillity on earth, hubby and we have an emanate – we get bored. Very easily. So dual weeks of object and not many else wasn’t utterly so appealing.

So after determining on a destination, we indispensable a pile-up pad for a initial leg of a tour, that is one night in Indonesia’s collateral city of Jakarta.

After browsing, we motionless to opt for a Park Lane Jakarta hotel, a 5 star hotel conveniently located nearby a 88 mall.

As we were usually staying one night before streamer out to Bali, we wanted something easy and good located, yet violation a bank.

On a prior outing to Thailand, we’d stayed during the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, yet as it was a stopover, we didn’t unequivocally get to conclude a hotel in all a splendour. After all, if you’re staying somewhere schmansy, we damn good wish to make a best of it and be there many of a day!

So while Park Lane Jakarta positively wasn’t a bill hotel, during an normal cost of £80 a night, it was ideal for a brief stay.

Park Lane Jakarta hotel – initial iimpressions

Upon arrival, we had a common diagnosis so common in Asian liberality – staff watchful as we leave a cab, and a bell child to take your luggage.

The hotel also had breath-taking décor. we was blown divided by a grand foyer, and a pleasing stairs.

It’s also value mentioning that Jakarta is unequivocally confidence conscious, with a scanners and purse checks compulsory before we enter. This wasn’t a bad thing though, as it combined an additional reassurance, quite for a rather shaken traveller like me.

Once we got into a room, a bell child arrived with a suitcases and gave us a mini debate of a comforts of a room, including a mini-bar, that was stocked with nominal soothing drinks and water, that was a good touch.

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As a primarily Muslim country, we were also asked if we were Muslim and either we’d need a request mat. Again it was a unequivocally good additional use and showed additional caring and attention.

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Being located in a business district, a Park Lane Jakarta hotel had a rather worldly feel, with many general travellers.

So detached from a giveaway mini bar, a room boasted a hulk bed, and aged majestic character decor.

The hotel also boasted a gym – that we didn’t get turn to trying- and a pool, that we did dive into. It was a sum reward that we had a pool to ourselves, so we could use my treading H2O with dignity.

The pool also had a flattering decent depth, 1.50m during a deepest and 1.35m during a shoal end.

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Breakfast – my favourite part

Anyone who reads my transport articles know that breakfast is my finish fave partial of any hotel stay. we am always over vehement to get my fill during a breakfast smorgasboard before starting a day. we generally like a event to try informal delicacies from a nation I’m staying in.

And a Park Lane Jakarta Hotel didn’t disappoint. Breakfast consisted of Japanese, Indian and Indonesian cuisine, as good as a normal full English and continental breakfast.

There was a common egg station, yet they also had a territory for barbecuing cuts of beef to your taste, that we apparently couldn’t conflict trying. we opted for beef and duck on dual opposite mornings, and desired both.

Also, to do my scientific palette, we done a many of a miso soup and rice dishes available.

Now probity time, in my greediness, we even had ice cream for breakfast. Mainly since it was there. After all, because would they have ice cream during a breakfast smorgasboard if they didn’t design anyone to eat it??

Still on a food front, it was totally useful that a hotel was only a brief travel from a large mall, that had an extraordinary food gymnasium with eastern and western cuisine, and all in between. It was good carrying food options we could travel to, rather than carrying to locate cabs everywhere or being warrant to a hotel dining.

So altogether it was a thumbs adult for a Park Lane Jakarta Hotel. It is available and comfortable, and good located, yet compromising on that 5 star feel.

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