Tourists troubled by dog beef allegations in Indonesia

BALI (REUTERS) – A male offered a renouned beef break called satay approaches tourists on a Indonesian Island of Bali.

A traveller asked in English, “Is it dog? No dog?”

“No, no, no,” replied a seller.

They’re suspicious. And with good reason.

According to activists, holiday-makers on a island might be unknowingly eating dog meat.

Footage filmed in Bali by Animals Australia allegedly shows dogs being prisoner and prepared for satay.

And while dog beef isn’t criminialized here, a accusations that tourists are being misled has strike a nerve.

“People won’t come if they keep conference a same story – people are eating dogs. And to buy dog in a street, when we are meditative you’re eating duck or red meat, cow, fish, that to eat dog, no, no,” pronounced Australian traveller Colin Carr.

Animals Australia says adult to 100,000 dogs are slaughtered for expenditure each year in Bali regulating inhumane and unwholesome techniques.

They’re also pronounced to be stolen and illegally sole to beef vendors for additional cash.

Claims a internal supervision strongly denies.

“The news reports on amicable media are wrong, we have checked. The reports contend dogs in Bali are killed brutally and sole as satay, this is not true, all is not true,” pronounced Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika.

But animal rights groups aren’t assured and contend a dog beef business is prevalent though mostly hidden.

They’re approaching to accommodate with a Balinese supervision after this month to titillate them to put an finish a trade on a island.

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