Tourism Minister asks Bali hotels to give discounts to stranded guest after Mt Agung erupts

JAKARTA: Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Arief Yahya on Monday (Nov 27) called on hotels in Bali to offer discounts to travelers who were stranded there due to a tear of Mt Agung. 

Many flights to and from a island were cancelled as authorities motionless to tighten a island’s airfield after lifting a warning of an approaching poignant eruption. This has caused many travellers to be stranded during Denpasar airport. 

Mr Yahya, who was initally scheduled to fly to Bali, educated his group to ready for a volcano’s eruption, in a matter expelled on a Tourism Ministry’s website. 

“Make certain that all travellers who are influenced by moody cancellations and are forced to lapse to hotels are given special room rates, like 50% discounts,” he said. 

He also educated bill airlines to not levy termination or rescheduling penalties on passengers. 

“This occurred due to to a healthy disaster that could not be predicted, and was not in a hands of a passengers,” Mr Yahya said. 

He also combined that traveller visa that have lapsed will be extended automatically for another month. 

In response to this, Bali’s Tourism Office announced that stranded travellers who were staying during an Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (IHRA) member hotel on a day a airfield closed, will accept a giveaway additional night. 

In his statement, Mr Yahya also gave instructions to his group to sympathise with those who were affected. 

“Give them honeyed memories so that they are not unhappy and will wish to lapse to a comfortable and accessible Bali,” he added. 

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