Too Many Aussies Are Not Getting Travel Insurance

Australians embarking abroad are reminded to make certain they’re holding out correct transport word after a new news found over a million people are skipping out on suitable cover.

While a Survey of Australian Travel Insurance Behaviour (2017) news found 90 per cent of people do in fact take out transport insurance, a 10 per cent who don’t accounts for 1,039,700 of a 10,039,700 trips taken opposite 2016-2017.

According to a Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Consular State Of Play 2016-2017 report, Australians also have a series of “significant misunderstandings” about transport word coverage, with 87 per cent of travellers capricious about what countries their transport word covered.

“Some insurers cover transport to Bali underneath their Asia Pacific policy, though not a rest of Indonesia – word might not cover countries if there is a transport warning,” wrote officials.

The consult found 87 per cent of travellers were capricious if they were lonesome while roving a motorcycle overseas., 82 per cent were capricious about coverage of mental health conditions (many don’t) and 70 per cent of travellers were capricious on claims involving ethanol and drug associated incidents.

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Officials suggest classification out extensive transport word as one of a initial tasks on a traveller’s pre-departure check-list – and advise consular assistance might be limited.

“When purchasing transport insurance, it is critical to safeguard that a word will cover all a places to be visited; all a activities planned, and any pre-existing medical conditions and stream medical treatments,” they added.

“Travellers but insurance, or with word that does not cover them for their activities or pre-existing conditions, could compensate potentially really costly costs for puncture diagnosis and medical evacuation.

“We can't compensate for a traveller’s medical or psychiatric services or medications.”

DFAT has teamed adult with Choice to yield dual elementary transport word guides, that can be found on a Smart Traveller website.

Australian Travellers by end 2016–17

New Zealand: 1,316,000

USA: 1,053,000

UK: 588,000

Thailand: 529,000

China: 451,000

Singapore: 377,000

Japan: 365,000

Fiji: 345,000

India: 319,000

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