This Street Artist Designed Bali’s New Beach Club With a Best Material Possible

Eko Nugroho, Indonesia’s heading visible artist, has collaborated with such iconic and tangible brands as Louis Vuitton and IKEA – now, he has combined a square meant to prominence a emanate of a cosmetic wickedness of a planet.

The Indonesian lifestyle liberality organisation Potato Head consecrated Nugroho to emanate an design that is now going to be displayed during Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak. The work, called Bouquet of Love, is a 30-by-20-foot designation combined totally out of reclaimed cosmetic waste!

Nugroho’s piece is colorful and fascinating – a perplexing designation is meant to spotlight a stream issues of plastic pollution, in a oceans and village spaces of Bali, as good as a rest of a country. To comprehend a project, a artist scavenged around a archipelago for all kinds of rejected objects, from cosmetic bottles to aged electronic appliances.

An considerable 660 pounds of internal cosmetic rubbish was remade into a work with that Nugroho hopes will highlight a vicious need for rubbish government and conservation.


The pithy subject is not something new for a artist, who is famous for relating his art to socio-political issues, quite those concerning his home country. “I was deeply drawn to this plan since environmental repairs and wickedness will have an outcome on each aspect of life, not only art,” Nugroho told Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.

“My adore for Indonesia desirous me to emanate Bouquet of Love. Indonesia is a rich, pretentious pleasant country, that is also experiencing energetic expansion and development.”



Art pieces centered around a emanate of cosmetic wickedness are a sign that we many positively need. Every year, we furnish around 300 million tons of cosmetic and dump around 8.8 million tons into a oceans. Sadly, around 91 percent of a cosmetic we furnish is not recycled. The large volume of cosmetic we beget and its consequences are grave for a environment, wildlife – and, but fail, us.

Displayed on a roof of a Escalier boutique during Potato Head Beach Club, Bouquet of Love is interestingly juxtaposed with a perspective of a Indian Ocean, that happens to be where many of a trash used came from. The design can be seen for a singular duration of time – and it is positively value saying in person.

If you’re feeling desirous to do something to lift recognition for cosmetic pollution, we don’t have to build a structure like this (all yet if we do, greatfully let us know!), we can start with your personal cosmetic use. To learn how to minimize disposable plastics in your life, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!

All picture source: Eko Nugroho and Potato Head Beach Club Bali/Facebook

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