This Is Your Life-Changing 5-Day Dream Honeymoon in Bali: Planned

When we tighten my eyes and design a many romantic, holistic, and devout place I’ve ever visited, Bali comes to mind. Bali is an island in Indonesia famous for a sensuous jungles, beautiful beaches, secret waterfalls, and volcanic mountains. There are expanded rice fields, unreal pinkish sunsets, and welcoming people. The food is fresh, mostly infused with internal mixture like coconut and spices such as turmeric.

Bali had been on my bucket list for some time when selecting a honeymoon mark with my then-fiancé, now-husband. We staid on 5 nights in Bali during a dual weeks in Southeast Asia. And once a journey began, it seemed as if each day eclipsed a last.

While we had never been median opposite a universe or to Asia before, we motionless not to use a transport agents and designed it myself. we spent hours articulate to friends who had visited Bali, quizzing hotel concierges, and reading TripAdvisor reviews. Here, we benefaction to we a best of a best of Bali — by my possess enchanting experiences.

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