This integrate is creation lots and lots of income by only travelling and regulating amicable media

What could be a perks of travelling to new destinations? It takes we divided from your paltry routine, soothes your physique and mind, while satiating your wanderlust.

Despite meaningful what transport does to you, how mostly have we not disturbed about a expenditure? But what if we contend we can also acquire a vital out of travelling? That too, by posting pictures. How cold is that?

If we are wondering how, accommodate Jack Morris, 26, a face of a transport blog, Do You Travel. This zealous traveller quit his pursuit in 2012, packaged his bags and boarded a moody to Bangkok. Since then, he has been backpacking opposite countries, reveals Morris, on his blog. It is during his speed that he met Laura Bullen, 24, another transport blogger in Fiji. That was dual years ago. The integrate has so distant lonesome 20 countries, and theory what? Not usually are they exploring destinations though also earning a six-figure income doing it.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/doyoutravel


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The couple, who recently distinguished their initial anniversary underneath a bluish waterfall, has been posting posting transport cinema on Instagram. And by compelling brands and locations on a same, they now acquire adult to 9000 dollars per post.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/doyoutravel


Morris’ feed takes we by breath-taking destinations–from jungle swings in Bali, breakfast with their ‘giraffe friends’ in Kenya, outlandish church doorways in Cambodia to even relaxing hangouts silhouetted opposite a Indian sky.

The integrate aims during visiting one nation each month, that they explain to select impulsively. And when they are not working, they hibernate in their friendly headquarters in Bali, Indonesia.

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