This $20 million Florida palace has a closet only for $100000 value of Air Jordans

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This Florida palace has a room dedicated to a owner’s $100,000 Air Jordan collection

This $20 million Delray Beach, Florida estate has some cold and surprising amenities.

The integrate who built a palace enclosed a walk-in closet designed to demeanour like a Chanel boutique for a mom and another room wholly dedicated to a husband’s $100,000 Air Jordan sneaker collection.

And a backyard is designed to demeanour like a Four Seasons hotel in Bali.

Get an disdainful glance inside on an arriving part of CNBC’s “Secret Lives of a Super Rich.”

Here’s a hide peek.

The backyard is a dream, and includes a pool, a glow pit, cascading waterfalls and a hulk Buddha statue.

“[The owners] were so desirous by their outing to a Four Seasons in Bali, that they wanted to reconstruct a Balinese peace and peace right here during home,” says Douglas Elliman attorney Senada Adzem, who represents a property.

“They even hired a Feng Shui consultant to safeguard a ideal upsurge of energy. And obviously, they done it only right.”

Inside, a mansion’s grand opening leads to a 30-foot-tall marble fireplace.

On a other side of a grate is an office, that facilities a dark doorway that leads to a tip cigar room.

“The owners has a tip thing for cigars and a tip place to fume them,” says Adzem.

The mansion’s dining room is flashy with a wall done of backlit onyx and a sequence chandelier.

Upstairs, a mega-home has a master apartment fit for royalty, that includes a white mom of pearl inlay on a building — a owners’ chronicle of a red carpet.

But a mansion’s genuine showstoppers are a couple’s large walk-in closets.

For her, there’s a room modeled after a Chanel boutique, finish with shifting ladders and a candelabrum designed to demeanour like a round gown.

“You know we got it done when we have a ladder in your possess closet,” says Adzem.

For him—a room that houses a owner’s over $100,000 collection of Air Jordan sneakers, not one of that have ever been worn, according to Adzem.

“He felt like he truly done it when he could have all of his 300 pairs of unblemished collectible Air Jordans on display,” says Adzem. “He indeed is so unapproachable that he’s got a totally opposite closet for a boots he wears each day.”

Now Adzem is anticipating to find a customer peaceful to write a $20 million check for a property’s ultra-luxe touches — a owners’ personal items, however, are not included.

“It’s going to be a super rich customer who wants to perform their friends and family in a really grand and glamourous way,” says Adzem.

A new deteriorate of CNBC’s “Secret Lives of a Super Rich,” premieres Wednesday, Mar 7 during 10P ET/PT.

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