They Fell Down in Ring of Fire


A German traveller fell 15-meters down a corner into a void of Bali’s Mount Agung on Thursday, Aug 3, 2017, during around 6:30 am.

The painful and contused German together with dual companions were detected stranded on a inside face of a void by we Ketut Dana, a 30-year-old towering beam from a Village of Sogra, who listened a sound entrance from inside a volcano that he suspicion emanated from a goat. On closer examination, however, he detected a harmed German incompetent to stand behind to a crater’s edge. says a German, Torge Zense (17), began climbing a volcano during 2:00 am in a organisation of dual companions, Ride Samuel (17) and Fransiskus Borrman (19). They were warned before starting their stand to use a internal guide, though discharged this recommendation and commenced a stand on their own.

When they reached a tallness of 2,843 meters above sea level, Torge Sense slipped into a crater. His companions entered a void and attempted to help, though finished adult also being held in a void and incompetent to stand out.

When a internal beam found a 3 during 6:00 am, he sensitive his associate members of a beam organisation who dispatched a group of 40 guides to a plcae as Search and Rescue officials also rushed to a scene.

When Torge Zense was hauled out of a void he was unwavering though had wounds to his head, knee, and wrist.

He was taken to a BaliMed Hospital in Karangasem for medical treatment.

(Image: Bali Post)

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