These Are The Coolest Glamping Vacations You Can Take This Year

Summer is right around a corner, and wanderlust is strictly in a air. As adventure tourism takes off and some-more people continue to find out unique, off-the-grid vacations enthralled in nature, one trend continues to dominate: glamping.

Glamping—a some-more lush form of camping that customarily involves decked-out tents perched in lifelike terrains—is an event to penchant in inlet but committing to an all-out backpacking trip. Such immersions reason a special interest since they give us a possibility to undo from record and soak in a physic advantages of uninformed atmosphere (doctors have noted that time outward can improve defence function, break by disastrous suspicion patterns, and boost a happy hormones).

Rebecca Davis, a author and transport backer behind The Glassy, says that a “glam” partial of glamping binds a special interest too. “Glamping is an event to be surrounded by inlet while still enjoying quadruped amenities like a plush bed, using water, or even wineglasses that you’d differently have to leave during home if we were backpacking.” She records that it’s easier than ever to find such respite, interjection to sites like Tentrr or Airbnb that now list choice accommodations (think: geodesic domes in a dried and tree houses in pleasant locales) as a apart difficulty to browse.

Sold yet? Here are a few insanely beautiful glamping sites opposite all 7 continents to supplement to your bucket list this year:

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