There’s a Giant Unicorn Island Floating Off a Shore of a Philippines

If we couldn’t get your hands on one of a gigantic unicorn pool floats from Sam’s Club before they sole out, here’s a improved idea: Visit this hulk floating unicorn stadium in Asia instead.


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3/3 ☀️🌊

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Located in Subic Bay in a Philippines, about 80 miles west of a collateral city of Manila, Inflatable Island is “the biggest floating stadium in Asia,” per their website.

It’s an easy explain to believe, deliberation that a whole thing covers scarcely 36,600 block feet of water—or about 8 basketball courts placed side by side—with inflatable slides, bridges, swings, towers and something called a “human launcher.”

Here’s what it looks like from above.

It was fundamentally done for Instagram.

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My middle child is SCREAMING!!! 🌈😱

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In further to a unicorn during a core of a playground, there’s also a “wavy dinosaur” and splendid blue “seaunicorn” to play on, too.

The Unicorn Island. 😍 #wheninolongapo #olongapocity #philippines #inflatableislandph #summergetaway #floatingplayground #IRISSinWonderland

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We usually had time for a discerning stopover during a @inflatableisland aka pastel bliss and BITINNN SUPER! I’ll be behind to cuddle a fat unicorn. 😛 #InflatableIsland

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But that’s not all. After we empty yourself on a unicorn barrier course, conduct behind to seaside to take it easy during a Pink Bali Lounge, a territory of a beach flashy with millennial pinkish and lavender loungers and umbrellas.

Pink beach 🍥pink umbrellas , pinkish loungers and a hulk pinkish inflatable march in a sea 💗Most insta estimable beach ever @inflatableisland we wish to be there 😍

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W’sup Beaches! This Calamansi iced tea is so lovely we had to buy one some-more crater for take out 😋 #CheatDay #hbdsis @jhonelynmonta

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For 499 Phillippine Pisos—or roughly $9.60 American dollars—you get entrance to a beach all day and an hour’s value of time on a inflatable and unicorn islands. But go forward and splurge for a longer session. A whole day pass, that lasts from 8 a.m. to 5:50 p.m., is usually 849 Pisos or only over $16 U.S.

However, not all here is unicorns and rainbows. The Philippines is now experiencing an conflict of measles, so follow a CDC’s warning and make certain that we have all a correct vaccinations before engagement your craft sheet there.

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