The Top 10 Places To Travel To In 2018, According To TripAdvisor

The awards also exhibit a tip transport destinations in Europe, as good as a UK and Channel Isles’ best-rated destinations. While London ranks as a UK’s series one end overall, a north also has a lot to applaud with 6 winning destinations in a tip 10 contra 4 southern winners. 

Edinburgh, Liverpool, York, Glasgow, Blackpool and Belfast take second, third, fifth, sixth, ninth and 10th place respectively. While to a south of a UK and Channel Isles, London, Jersey, Isle of Wight and Bath come in first, fourth, seventh and eighth respectively.

Europe Top 10

  1. Paris, France  

  2. London, UK 

  3. Rome, Italy

  4. Crete, Greece

  5. Barcelona, Spain 

  6. Prague, Czech Republic 

  7. Istanbul, Turkey

  8. Lisbon, Portugal

  9. Majorca, Spain

  10. Santorini, Greece 

UK Top 10

  1. London, London

  2. Edinburgh, Scotland

  3. Liverpool, Merseyside

  4. Jersey, Channel Isles

  5. York, North Yorkshire

  6. Glasgow, Scotland

  7. Isle of Wight, Hampshire

  8. Bath, Somerset

  9. Blackpool, Lancashire

  10. Belfast, Northern Ireland

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