The Spirit House

Sat, May 26, 2018
| 10:59 am

Anggara Mahendra

The use of animism is really apparent in Thailand, nonetheless 95 percent of a people are Buddhist. However, they still trust in abnormal spirits.

The Thais trust that any home has a possess invisible guards who live on a front gates of a house. They call these guards Saan Chao Thii and Saan Phra Phum.

Instead of removing absolved of them, they trust that providing a special space in any residence and befriending a spirits are a improved solution. They trust it will also emanate peace in a world.

When Thais are about to leave their house, they surprise Saan Chao Thii, or a House Spirit. They keep grandpa or grandma dolls as a pitch of a spirits. Other black are dancer or elephant dolls. Thais customarily feed them red soda drinks, generally in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

This tradition is identical to a use in Bali. Balinese Hindus also trust that any residence is rhythmical by spirits who live on a front gates. The Balinese also yield offerings for a spirits. [yan]

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