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When we consider of Bali, a initial word that substantially comes to your conduct is “beach!” But did we know that there is some-more to Bali than a pleasing beaches? Here are 6 bucket-list estimable practice we never knew we can have in Bali. So what are we watchful for? Book that four-hour craft float and take that outing now!

1.  Swim with a Elephants

Swim with these peaceful giants during Elephant Safari Park Lodge.

Have an elephantastic time with these peaceful giants when we revisit Bali. In Taro, Bali, there is a review dedicated usually to these peaceful giants. The Elephant Safari Park Lodge provides guest with a accumulation of elephant encounters such as swimming with a elephants and even showering them early in a morning! If we usually can’t get adequate of these darling creatures, we can even book a room where we can see a elephants from your possess private balcony!

2.  Join a cooking category and learn normal Balinese dishes

Balinese cuisine is removing increasingly renouned so since not try training a normal plate or dual and stir your family behind home? Cooking classes in Bali customarily start with a revisit to a internal fish and plantation markets so we also get proficient with a internal produce, vegetables, fruits and spices grown in Bali.

3. Experience a day in a life of a Balinese Farmer

A Day in a Life of a Balinese Farmer during The Four Seasons Sayan.

Ever wondered what life is like as a rice farmer? Well, now we can knowledge it first-hand. Ubud, in Bali, is famous for a rice terraces and there are large of rice paddies all around a city. It’s not startling afterwards that there are even resorts with rice paddies right inside their property. The Four Seasons Resort Bali during Sayan offers an knowledge called “A Day in a Life of a Balinese Farmer” where we get to go on a trek in a jungle, revisit internal encampment houses and learn about rice planting from an tangible Balinese rancher himself.

4. Dine with a view

There is no necessity of pleasing views in Bali, so take your pick. If we wish to see a famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace as we have lunch, dump by a Rice Terrace Café. If your timing is right, we can even lay on your possess private bale. If we would rather suffer views of a jungle, sup during The Riverside Café where we can marvel during a Ayung River.

5. Splurge in your possess private villa during a oppulance resort

A private villa during a Amandari in Ubud, Bali.

Forget city hotels. When you’re in Bali, we need a villa. If we can, go all out and splurge during one of a oppulance resorts and suffer your possess private pool, outside scoop and finish privacy. Not usually do we get assent and still though we also get to suffer undeviating RR that we so desperately need!

6. Walk by a gorilla forest

For all of we dauntless souls, take a transport inside a monkey forest, where monkeys are simply left to ramble around a area as they please. Just remember to leave your snacks and candies during home if we don’t wish a organisation of monkeys rummaging by your pockets since they can always tell if you’re stealing something!


Sheena Sy-Gonzales is an illustrator and transport writer. She shares her adventures on her transport blog Follow her on Instagram @sheenalovessunsets.

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