The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali launches Little Fisherman program

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali’s “little fishermen” out for a day of guided exploration. Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali recently launched a new themed kid’s module patrician Little Fisherman where kids will learn about a sea and a basics of fishing while carrying tons of fun during their summer vacation.

Through a Little Fisherman program, a small ladies and gentlemen staying during a hotel will dive into a fascinating universe of fishing on a pleasing Nusa Dua Beach where they will spend a day removing tighten to inlet and training about a ocean.

The children will also have a possibility to learn about a growth of normal fisheries in Southeast Asia from a Bali oceanologist and have a demeanour during several fishing collection and sea creatures.

As a partial of a program, a hotel also provides fishing rigging for a children, including a reproduction of a normal bucket shawl and a fishing net. The kids can only hurl adult their trousers, put on their bucket hats, and have some fun fishing and harvesting a normal way.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali is located in a tropics and has pleasing white silt beaches, that total with a blue H2O of a Indian Ocean and a superb vicinity emanate a monumental view. The hotel has 313 ocean-view suites and villas where guest can suffer a intrigue of rural life, go sightseeing with their family, or simply have a good rest divided from a hullabaloo of daily life.

Built along a coastline, The Ritz-Carlton Club has 6 conform and food and libation venues, a sauna core for mental and earthy relaxation, an fascinated coastal church, a distraction core for kids and venues for conferences and celebratory events to safeguard a many available and noted stay for guests.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali is committed to formulating an halcyon and noted vacation knowledge for families, and it will never stop to urge a vacation module to make certain that families with kids have a fun-filled and relaxing stay surrounded by inlet and a people they love.

“The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bali is a ideal place for kids to learn a healthy resources and secrets of a ocean,” pronounced Karim Tayach, a ubiquitous manager of a hotel. “Thanks to a geographical advantage of sitting on a Indian Ocean, when strolling along a beach, a extraordinary kids can take a closer demeanour during internal fishermen fishing in a waters right in front of a hotel.”

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