The Obamas are vacationing in Indonesia, where Barack Obama lived for 4 years as a kid

If a post-retirement proviso is accurately how ideal a Obamas are creation it look, we would adore to be in one too. From their vacation cinema that aspect each other day, we can safely contend that a Obamas could kick a globetrotter, any given day.

Ever given a ex-POTUS left office, he has been found creation a many of his time by holidaying around a world.

This time, a former US President trod a eastern path, to revisit Indonesia, a place that binds a special place in his childhood memories.

Obama visiting a Hindu temple. Picture courtesy: Twitter/nwarikoo


Indonesia is where Barack Obama had spent 4 years as a child. While furloughed a destination, Obama also done certain he visited his aged pals from school.

From stream rafting on a Ayung stream to visiting Hindu temples, a Obamas indulged in roughly each form of a traveller’s fancy.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/the_obamas_


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They kicked off their holiday from a island of Bali, where they visited Tirta Empul, a H2O church nearby a city of Tampaksiring.

Picture courtesy: Instagram/the_obamas_


They also visited a city of Yogyakarta and a 19th century ancient church of Borobudur on Java island.

Borobudur. Picture courtesy: Instagram/the_obamas_


Deemed a largest archipelago in a world, Indonesia is among a many elite getaways for Indians too. With a launch of approach flights between Jakarta and Mumbai final year, travelling to Indonesia has turn all a some-more available for Indians.

Rich in healthy wealth, a end boasts of smashing beaches, sea tourism, inhabitant parks, coffee plantations, temples and a colourful culture. The many renouned sites one can revisit in Indonesia embody Bromo Mountain (active volcano), Komodo National Park, Sumatra, Ijen void and Bukit Lawang (orangutan destination).

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