The Obama family is removing a swimming pool it severely deserves

If former President Barack Obama’s graying hair is any indication, 8 years in a White House took a earthy fee on him.

But now a Obamas are one-step closer to blithe replacement interjection to a fact that, according to a news from TMZ, a former initial family is removing a pool. 

Building permits reviewed by TMZ uncover that a Obamas will supplement an in-ground swimming pool (including “a patio of sorts”) to their intensely imagination $8.1 million Washington, D.C. mansion. Considering how wet D.C. gets in a summer, we’re repelled it took them this long.

The Obamas are, by all accounts, an outdoorsy family. In 2017, flattering most 5 mins after President Donald Trump took office, Barack was speckled kitesurfing with Richard Branson nearby a entrepreneur’s private island. And in July, a family was speckled white-water rafting in Bali.

Next step: pool boyant shopping.

WATCH: Please watch this video of Barack Obama kitesurfing

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