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The courtesy of a Liberian supervision of President George Weah has been drawn to a Convention on Wetlands, called a Ramsar Convention, an intergovernmental covenant that provides a horizon for charge and correct use of wetlands and their resources.

The Convention, adopted in a Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and enforced in Liberia in Nov 2003, covers all 5 internationally famous wetlands of Liberia, among them, a Mesurado Wetlands that includes Bali Island off Bushrod Island in Monrovia  (6,760 hectares, 06°18’N 010°45’W) , a Kpatawee Wetlands  (835 hectares, 07°07’N 009°38’W) in Suacoco, Bong County, a Gbedin Wetlands(25 hectares, 07°16’N 008°48’W) in Nimba County, (25 hectares, 07°16’N 008°48’W), a Marshall Wetlands (12,168 hectares, 0°08’N 010°22’W) and a Lake Piso Multiple-Use Protected Area (MUPP), that is about 97,159 ha (240.083 ac).

But recently President George Weah unexpected announced that he intends to use Bali Island as a mark for critical development, including skyscrapers, bureau buildings, selling malls, banks and party facilities. In office of this plan, a Ministry of Public Works has requested a nation’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to emanate an environmental certificate that would concede a plan to proceed.

We are really happy that Public Works has initial approached a EPA, since that is precisely a Agency that knows all about a nation’s precious environmental spots that need a pinnacle protection, in sequence to safeguard that Liberia’s sourroundings is recorded for posterity (future generations).

The EPA is that classification that is charged with a shortcoming to say a list of all spots in a nation that MUST be stable for preservation, so that a Liberian sourroundings is saved from mistreat brought about by climatic problems and even catastrophes, such as droughts and earthquakes.

Let us try to explain what wetlands are and their significance to all countries. According to Internet sources, wetlands are areas where H2O covers dirt all or partial of a time. Wetlands are critical since they strengthen and urge H2O quality, yield fish and wildlife habitats, store floodwaters and say aspect H2O upsurge during dry periods.

Wetlands start where H2O meets land. They embody mangroves, peatlands and marshes, rivers and lakes, deltas, floodplains and flooded forests, rice-fields, and even coral reefs. Wetlands exist in each nation and in each climatic zone, from a Polar Regions to a tropics, and from high altitudes to dry regions.

The foregoing observations uncover how critical wetlands are. They contingency be preserved, as we pronounced earlier, to forestall critical environmental problems, that could infrequently spin out to be catastrophes. That is since we are depending on a Environmental Protection Agency to live adult to a job and give Public Works a many veteran recommendation necessary; that is, to leave a wetlands alone, in sequence to say Liberia’s climatic change (evenness, balance, stability).

As a Liberia Center for Environmental Education and Research has suggested, Liberia has no necessity of land for any kind of development. There are many areas along a St. Paul River, including Clay Ashland, a Po River on a Bomi Highway, with entrance even to a good Atlantic Ocean and countless other areas developed for development.

Many of these areas have mislaid their inhabitants, who have left since zero is function there, and now dwell in Monrovia, contributing to a capital’s overcrowdedness. We urge that EPA will do what it has to do by giving a vehement veteran recommendation to Public Works, meaningful full good that Liberia’s wetlands, including Bali Island, are off boundary to any kind of intrusion that would discredit their existence.


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