The Longhouse in Jimbaran is one of Bali’s best-kept secrets

Amelia Chia

It’s unfit to keep anything on a down low in Bali. On any given weekend, someone we know is vital it adult on a island of a gods and pilgrimaging to a common beach clubs and restaurants. Been there, finished that. Hip hotbed Seminyak now boasts some-more cafés than Melbourne’s CBD, laid-back Canggu is careening fast to turn a new Seminyak, Nusa Dua is home to cashed-up honeymooners, while eat-pray-love yogis organisation in droves to Ubud.

That leaves us with an underrated honeyed spot: Jimbaran. This fishing encampment on Bali’s southern seashore is extravagantly renouned for a seafood restaurants, though there’s some-more to it than meets a eye. Characterised by internal villages and eremite traditions, Jimbaran has captivated perceptive travellers looking for a informative strike and a quintessential Balinese experience.


Nestled in a hills of Jimbaran is The Longhouse, a new boutique hotel and private villa judgment distinct anything else in Bali. Guests have a choice of engagement only one of a 6 singular rooms, or a whole villa if they’re travelling in a vast group. Stepping into The Longhouse is a provide for a senses in itself — a categorical loll area offers high vistas to behold. You’re looking out into unrestricted views of Bali’s web of villages, framed by a stately Mount Agung. Birds and dragonflies fly into your line of sight, alongside planes from a circuitously general airfield — a brief 20-minute expostulate away. At night, calm descends on a island and a wink lights from a streetlamps next counterpart a sky full of stars.

Take your collect of bedrooms depending on where your welfare lies. Folks that suffer luxuriating in a comfort of their bedrooms should go for a Bali Suite, a massive, modest shelter with a study, yard garden (with your possess waterfall), and private thrust pool. The Lombok Suite, on a other hand, while only as spacious, will support to sticklers for beautiful bathrooms. Featuring both indoor and outside showers and bathtubs, and double mill basins, you’ll wish to spend hours shower in a burble bath of your dreams. There’s also a private patio finish with your possess daybed for idle afternoons.

Otherwise, a Sumatra Suite offers a outrageous mill bathtub set in sensuous greenery, a Sumba Suite showcases a art of Ikat and a dark bullion onyx mill bathroom, while a East and West Java Suites are good for travellers who cite dual super singular beds.


Food is during a heart and centre of The Longhouse, and Chef Ngurah and his agreeable group make certain your any need catered for. The notation we loll by a pool or penetrate into a plush sofa, someone scurries adult and asks if you’d like a drink. There’s a far-reaching operation of dining options here — from Western to Indonesian, and a group is impossibly flexible. If you’re engagement out a whole villa, devise out your dishes with Chef Ngurah on attainment — he will afterwards do a grocery emporium for your whole posse and prepare it adult to perfection. Meals are charged during part cost and an additional 20 percent. As a solo traveller or if you’re simply engagement out a room, there’s a few options accessible daily that you’re acquire to extract of.

Chef Ngurah’s cooking category is a must-try. An early morning start saw us route him to a internal soppy and dry market, where we watched him collect adult fish and spices in a humid space filled with sharp-witted gibberish and song from a internal community. We learnt a ropes of creation a perfumed duck tossed in a Balinese yellow piquancy paste, proposal prawns with a Balinese red piquancy paste, and churned vegetables with grated coconut. The duck was tumble off a bone tender, while a prawns were beautifully luscious and given a right volume of chewiness. After sweating it out in a kitchen, tuck into your dishes alongside a inexhaustible assisting of coconut rice. A far-reaching preference of cocktails, mocktails and award-winning wines accompany any meal.

Also call for Chef Ngurah’s gado-gado, a sharp Indonesian salad tossed with crunchy vegetables, chilli peanut sauce, boiled tofu, tempeh, lontong (rice wrapped in a banana leaf) and a trace of prawn crackers. It’s refreshingly light nonetheless filling, creation for a pleasant lunch option. Finally, don’t skip out on The Longhouse’s al fresco seafood dinner, served underneath a stars on a private terrace. With a preference of remarkably grilled fish, prawns, and squid bringing out a mutation of a catch, you’re in no improved mark for this visible and gastronomic feast than in this Jimbaran property.


Mornings are best finished during The Longhouse’s on-site yoga bale, where a group organises for classes and Balinese imagining sessions to take place. Surrounded by birds chirping and a smell of forests after a rain, a loose vibes are set to centre any guest. There’s a list of daily treatments in a spa, from Balinese massages to their famed hair cream baths, that we can penchant in after.

Despite a hordes of tourists to Bali yearly, small is famous about Balinese living. If you’d like to puncture a small deeper, private tours can be organised to a internal encampment nearby. Hepy, one of a staff during The Longhouse, welcomes guest to her home for afternoon tea and a mark of dancing. Located a small five-minute expostulate (or 10-minute walk) from The Longhouse, you’ll find a vast devalue of several single-storey houses surrounding a courtyard. We’re told this is standard of Balinese families, where many still live together. Each skill has a family shrine, dedicated to several Hindu gods, situated in a many portentous northeast dilemma of a compound.

Hepy’s SariWangi tea (local black tea) and rice flour cakes with dessicated coconut were crowd-pleasers, as was a normal dance we learnt from her womanlike family members — many of them underneath a age of 16. They enthusiastically tied sashes around a waists as we gyrated — despite awkwardly — to their precise, liquid movements. We competence not have been a best dancers on a block, though participating in this dance was a curtsy to their colourful culture, that had some-more abyss than we ever imagined.


Hip squads are always on a happy hunt for a likes of worldly beach clubs, complicated minimalist restaurants and decidedly cold stores. The good news is, Jimbaran has a satisfactory share of these likeable establishments. Pop into Cuca, voted one of a best restaurants in Bali, for a muddle of tapas and cocktails. Best mark in a house? The towering bar, where we competence only mark Masterchef moments and apt hands during work.

Fat Chow is another good choice for those who are after robust Asian alloy bites. Call for a Chick in Pandan, a weak duck cooking in Thai spices and wrapped in pandan leaves. The Pork on Fire is thinly sliced, sautéed with black peppers and Asian spices — no reduction than a essence pairing done in heaven.

At sundown, take a highway reduction trafficked and expostulate 15 mins to El Kabron, perched 50 metres above sea turn on a cliffs of Uluwatu. This Spanish grill and precipice bar is a steer to spy — an unconstrained portrayal of white and blue, where a pool’s corner seems to tip right over into a sea below. Get a cocktail, sequence a few tapas dishes to share, and flog behind to upbeat beach tunes and that paddle cocktail sunset. Heaven is indeed close.

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