The Last Great Hunt transport to Bali during Subiaco Arts Centre

WHEN we discuss ‘the Bali holiday’ to a Perth local, they already know what a vacation looks like, says homegrown entertainment builder Chris Isaacs.

“The poolside drinking, a bartering during a markets, a form of Australian traveller, and a intensity and uncouthness of it all; there are so many things that come to mind and that helps us as storytellers,” he said.

“Also, there’s a approach people act differently there to how they do here: I’ve seen some intolerable poise from people staying during a same hotel as me. It was outrageous and annoying really.

“I consider when people go on holiday, they feel they have a looseness to be a certain way.”

Bali – a iconic inexpensive and easy end of many Aussie tourists – is a locality and namesake of Isaac’s latest production.

Founding member of Perth entertainment common The Last Great Hunt, Isaac performs in a comedy alongside associate member and distinguished actor-writer Jeffrey Jay Fowler.

The guys revisit characters Jimmy and Corgan from their 2015 strike uncover FAG/STAG, exploring privilege, category and a traveller in us all.

Three years on, a best friends are holding a outing to applaud Corgan’s mum’s 60th birthday.

“They have changed, they’re opposite people – 3 years is a prolonged time – and there are small differences to how they act with any other and how they demeanour during a universe around them,” Isaacs said.

“With both characters, we’ve taken truths of not only ourselves though people we know and blended them into both characters, so there’s a partial of me in Corgan and also in Jimmy.”

Isaacs pronounced FAG/STAG looked during masculinity and a attribute between dual group while Bali highlighted how removing what we wish can impact somebody else.

“It sounds a bit trite though if assembly members can travel out of a entertainment and think, ‘I should provide other people better’ afterwards that is a good thing to have happen,” he said.


What: Bali

When: Oct 18-28

Where: Subiaco Arts Centre – Studio


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