The Indian Ocean Sure Looks Nice From Your Rooftop Pool

We don’t like creation assumptions about you.

Okay, maybe only this one: that you’d substantially cite to be in Bali right now �lite by private butlers while your roller instructor gets all prepared for your subsequent session.

If we’re wrong, a apologies. You seemed like a type.

But if we’re right… 

You can demeanour brazen to COMO Uma Canggu, a 2.2-acre review on a south seashore of Bali that has no necessity of competent roller instructors or penthouse residences with private butlers. It’s now usurpation reservations for a Feb 15th opening. And here’s a look.

Now, we know you’ll be on vacation. So we don’t wish to throng your schedule. But cruise this a glance during what your day competence demeanour like… 

Morning: Wake in your three-bedroom penthouse to breathtaking views of a Indian Ocean. Immediately comprehend that pronounced breathtaking views will be improved noticed from your rooftop pool.

Afternoon: Enjoy roller lessons from a competent roller instructor. Practice how you’ll tell friends and family that we rode what are presumably “some of a best roller breaks in Bali.” But not out loud.

Evening: Find much-deserved earthy nourishment during COMO Beach Club, a resort’s interpretation of a roller shack. That’s where you’ll find a wood-fired grill, distilled beverages and song in a form of live acoustic acts and DJ sets. 

Clearly these guys know how to appreciate a ruin out of a roller shack.

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