The highs and lows of Bestival Bali 2017

When a lineup is clever adequate to move in a throng this distance notwithstanding approaching volcano tear warnings, we know it’s got to be good. Or maybe partygoers are intrepid folks who are quick and lax with life, genocide and all that jazz.

Bestival, best famous as one of a venerable song festivals in a UK, done a Asia entrance with Bestival Bali, that was hold from Sep 30th to Oct 1st this year.

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Featuring acts from indie favourites Alt-J and Purity Ring to song legends De La Soul and George Clinton Parliament/Funkadelic, here’s what done a knowledge during a pleasing GWK Cultural Park one to remember 


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Every festivalgoer needs their source of appetite and Bestival Bali came by with plenty muck and dancing juice.

Food and drinks were not insanely costly too (as festival transport are cannot to be) and they catered to a outrageous accumulation of diets; Nalu Bowls brought acai bowls for a health bulb and Ku De Ta had installed prohibited dogs for a indulgent.

Liquid bravery also came in a form of Prost Beer, Alben Cider and Plaga Wine. Payment was done easy with Tappit’s cashless wristband, that is quick apropos a best approach to forestall lax change descending out of pockets on a dancefloor.

Partying For A Good Cause  

It’s always heartwarming to see a people give behind and we design no reduction from a category act like Bestival. RP 100,000 IDR (approx. $10 SGD) from any sheet sole was given to a disaster account to assistance those evacuating from a active Mt Agung. 

Uniquely Balinese Hospitality

It was a liberality of a locals that gave Bestival Bali a corner over a counterparts.

They constantly ensured a portaloos were always purify (if you’ve been to a festival you’d know how changed these are) to picking adult rabble in a center of a dance belligerent so revellers avoided stepping on potion bottles and a likes. Smiles and high-fives all around, a overworked internal folks during Bestival Bali were no reduction comfortable and kind than friends.

Purity Ring

While predicted that a Canadian act would make a highs — and they done adult one of a biggest highs of a new Laneway Festival too — we would like to marker this one adult to a pair’s extraordinary theatre presence.

The electro-pop twin stayed loyal to their magician residence flirtations — a act was sublimely mystical, finish with frontwoman Megan James’ bellowing black cape/dress combo and ice-white curls and Corin Roddick’s MIDI-controlled geometric lights, adding that hold of Purity Ring’s heading etherealness.

James’ illusory pitch-shifted vocals pierced by favorites like ‘Obedear’ and ‘Begin Again’ to remind ravers of a unreal and stately venue that was a GWK Cultural Park.


Once famous and perpetually worshiped for their unsettling code of cocktail music, Alt-J was an act so fascinating and lively it would be a crime to not embody them into a highs.

The rope non-stop with a otherworldly, Dionysian ‘3WW’ that reeled in a different assembly with a pondering kick and croons of wanting to adore we in your possess language. Same Alt-J, same. 

Crowd favorites like a cinematic-referencing ‘Matilda’ and ‘Tessellate’ sparked sing-alongs, as how these songs customarily do. Ending with a unbeatable classic, ‘Breezeblocks’, a rope valid only how most they were indispensable over a weekend. Indeed, greatfully don’t go, we adore we so.


Momentarily transporting Bestival-goers to a thrumming, pleasant theatre fit for a night out during Ibiza (not that celebration island Bali needs most help), Kilter was one of a initial acts on Day 1 to pull celebration people to a Main Stage with his dirty code of electropop.

The DJ from Down Under, with a assistance of guitarist Tim Lockwood, started a celebration with his electronic numbers that saw dancehall influences and genealogical beats peeking by a dance mixture, steering a tinge of a celebration towards one of summery, pleasant residence vibes. 

Lady Flic 

Head DJ during a famed Potato Head Beach Club, Lady Flic really delivered with her heterogeneous brew of genres trimming from pleasant residence to jazz and hip-hop. Her flexibility in character enchanted a ears of a audience, and her well-spoken transitions from soulful grooves to hard-hitting beats guided a throng by a evening. 

De La Soul 

Hip-hop legends De La Soul were a category further to a festival. Apart from behaving a well-seasoned brew of their new and aged stuff, a rappers combined a hold of old-school opening soundness with their throng communication and particular onstage banter.

Cheekily repugnant and consistently witty, De La Soul riled adult a throng with their monstrous charisma, pulling everybody to let loose, only for a weekend. 

Bag Raiders

Sydney stars Bag Raiders unapologetically non-stop with their entire ‘Shooting Stars’, that valid to be some-more than a meme as a boys injected their theatre participation and opening prowess, that enclosed throwing merch in a form of cropped tees into a raring crowd.

The twin brought on live instruments that injected a lovely volume of appetite into their synth-pop numbers; it was their initial live uncover ever in Bali and Bestival Bali was no improved theatre for them to arrangement their pleasant infused beats. At a end, you’d be hard-pressed to find a member of a assembly not withdrawal a drift soaked in sweat; their set was that most of a workout.


Stage crashers 

Why do people still feel like they are entitled to steal an artist’s space? A integrate of theatre crashers disrupted Rudimental’s set, yet during slightest a organisation members were most cooler about it than we suspicion they would. Not everyone’s like Rudimental though, so only a order of thumb: never invade an artist’s space, unless they entice we over.

Position of stages 

The blueprint of a festival was sincerely messy. Granted, a stages had to be detached to forestall from drowning any other out yet Bestival had walls – literally – between a categorical stage, a Reggae Roots Stage and a Island Sound Stage. This done for travelling between a dual spaces a hassle.

More mostly than not, a throng stayed during a categorical theatre area watchful for a general headliners to come out, withdrawal a other dual stages rather atmospheric zones.

The concomitant screens 

When an act has a specific audio-visual knowledge designed for a crowd, it’s a let down when festivals can’t yield a adequate record to support that.

The screens supposing subsequent to a categorical theatre were woefully unsound to plan Bag Raider’s dictated knowledge — tiny and sincerely dim, a screens were frequency adequate to execute a splendid colors and power that would have differently well complemented their act.

Special interjection to Bestival Bali for a invite.

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