The Best Time to Visit Bali

Bali, a Island of a Gods, is an Indonesian island sandwiched between Java and Lombok. There unequivocally isn’t a “wrong” time to revisit a island; it usually depends on what you’re after.

If we are determining when to go to Bali, there are a few factors to consider: weather, price, festivals and activities.


best time to revisit bali for a weather

Bali is an island usually 8 degrees south of a equator that means pleasant continue year-round. Generally, there aren’t poignant heat swings, with a highs impending 91 F and a lows 71 F all year. Most days are reliably between 80 F and 89 F, with some-more than 75% humidity.

There is a tiny towering sequence using by a islands’ centre creation towns in a executive segment a small cooler than a standard erotic continue of a rest of a island, generally during night. A light jumper of an dusk competence even be required for a executive areas.

weather times for visiting bali

The biggest cause inspiring a meridian on a island is a rain; there are graphic soppy and dry seasons.  Bali’s soppy deteriorate is from Nov to Apr with brief though revisit complicated rainstorms. Even during a soppy season, a object comes out and dries all off. It doesn’t sleet nonstop for days on finish and it won’t impede your simple exploring or tours that don’t engage things like snorkelling. Of course, with a rains come a humidity, that can make is feel hotter than it unequivocally is. Jan to Apr are a many soppy months so ready to sweat.

The dry deteriorate runs from May to Oct and is noted by primitive blue skies and day-long sunshine.


The good news about going to Bali during a soppy deteriorate is that a rains not usually move about a immature lushness that Bali is famous for, though also a rates dump for accommodation and airline tickets. The soppy deteriorate is a good time to revisit to equivocate a crowds, generally if visiting a island’s some-more touristy spots.

The dry deteriorate can turn jam-packed with tourists creation your knowledge a small perplexing unless we can get off a beaten path. The beaches and restaurants can get swarming too.

Going toward a finish of a soppy season, usually before a dry deteriorate begins, (known as shoulder season) competence usually be a answer. The prices are still lower, though it’s starting to sleet reduction so we can take advantage of all a island has to offer.

peak durations can see pricing increases in Bali

July to Aug and Dec to Jan are rise deteriorate with families entrance for a holidays, causing a prices to skyrocket.


Scuba/Snorkel/Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

If we are a scuba driver, snorkeller or mount adult paddler, a dry deteriorate is a best time for you. During a soppy season, a seas are rougher and topsy-turvy up, ensuing in low visibility. Unless we are throwing waves on a paddleboard, calmer waters are best for SUP-ing.

Kite Surf

July is a windiest month, so a coasts are full of kite surfers holding advantage of a gusts.


surfing in bali

Bali is famous as one of a tip islands in a universe for good surf. Surfers can locate waves all year long.  When a stormy deteriorate (November to April), a storms beget large waves all around a island, so select your mark wisely if you’re a newbie. From Dec to May a best surfing is generally on a easterly seashore of a island. Starting in June, a winds change, formulating substantial waves on a west seashore that means tip mark Padang Padang nearby Uluwatu starts saying some-more surfers.


hiking in bali

The dry deteriorate runs from Apr to Oct and is a best time to go hiking a volcanos, though it is also a busiest and therefore some-more expensive. Hiking during a stormy deteriorate is still possible; it usually depends on where and how most sleet has fallen. The waterfalls will be thrashing with cold uninformed H2O and we usually competence have them all to yourself.


festivals in bali

There are many festivals via a year in Bali so formulation to equivocate them or join in with them is wholly adult to you. The next 3 are a largest, though there are many any month around a island.

March: Nyepi

Nyepi is Balinese New Year. It is a day of finish overpower when people stay during home with their families, roughly all is sealed and transport is forbidden. Even a airfield shuts. However, in a run adult to Nyepi, families follow malignant spirits divided from their residence by attack pots and pans and banging any shrill instrument they can find. It is these immorality spirits in a form of hulk papier-mache and fabric ogres (known as ogoh ogoh) that are paraded by a streets on Nyepi Eve.

June / July: Bali Arts Festival

Bali Arts Festival, hold in Denpasar and now in a 40th year, is a month-long jubilee of a arts. The opening march is a philharmonic of normal dance and play from all 8 of Bali’s regencies or provinces. All via a month, there are several performances and informative events.

June / August: Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival in Sanur showcases gigantic kites, some wanting a strength of some-more than 20 group to get airborne. Kite drifting originated as a approach to give interjection to a Gods and a construction of a kites is still steeped in eremite symbolism. Hundreds of villages emanate their possess kites to contest with and attend with their possess gamelan band to accompany a kite’s flight.

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