Tasty Sweet Lak-lak, a Bali Traditional Cake

TEMPO.CO, Singaraja – Having breakfast with yellow porridge or nasi jinggo in Bali is too common. In a island of a thousand temples, several normal snacks are mostly consumed by internal residents for breakfast. One of them is lak-lak.

Lak-lak is a standard culinary from Singaraja, North Bali. Unlike a common strange Singaraja food that has a sharp flavor, lak-lak is dominated by honeyed elements. Lak-lak is done out of rice flour and sugarine churned with suji leaves or masak leaves. The cake is served with shredded coconut and palm sugarine as a toppings.

Lak-lak includes as singular normal food. It is utterly formidable to find a cake in large cities like Denpasar and Gianyar. One place to revisit is Kerobokan area, precisely on Jalan Raya Canggu.

The Rama pub is specialized in offered such honeyed snacks located in 15-minute divided from Tanah Lot. When visited in May 2017, Rama has operated for 2 years. However, a place is widely famous by internal residents. Every morning, many visitors stop by to try out lak-lak while chatting.

Despite in this benefaction era, Rama’s Lak-lak still retains a normal cooking methods by regulating stoves and charcoal. The cooking utensils are still done of clay. According to a pub owners Rama, such normal process recorded a authentic ambience of lak-lak.

The honeyed ambience of lak-lak is suitable for coffee times. Moreover, a coffee served in this emporium comes from strange Balinese coffee seeds that roasted and battered manually.

Lak-lak is labelled during Rp1,000 per each. While a coffee during Rp3,000 per cup. In addition, olen-olen or cake done from black gummy rice is also accessible along with pisang rai, a steamed banana coated with rice flour.



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