Sydney toddler Kawa Sweeney ‘loses battle’ after near-drowning in Bali pool


Jul 27, 2017 18:50:41

Kawa, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and blue necklace, smiles and binds a flower.

Australian toddler Kawa Sweeney was pulled from a Bali pool on Sunday afternoon. (Gofundme: Pearl Tan)

A Sydney toddler who was airlifted to Perth after descending into a Bali pool has “lost her battle” for life, her family says.

Kawa Sweeney, three, was pulled from a bottom of a pool in Bali on Sunday during a family’s villa.

It is believed a family inaugurated to switch off her life support during Princess Margaret Hospital this afternoon.

In a matter to media, her relatives thanked those who attempted to save their daughter.

“Unfortunately, in annoy of all a hopes and prayers Kawa has mislaid her battle. Family are observant goodbye today,” a matter read.

“We would like to appreciate everybody who has left above and over in all of this.

“Thank we to Grant and Kelly, everybody who helped us in Bali, a medivac team, a doctors and a implausible nurses during Princess Margaret Hospital in a PICU who have been with us 24/7 given nearing in Perth.

“Thank we to everybody who has upheld us with their thoughts, prayers, adore and donations.

“We are impressed with your munificence and are beholden for all that we have given us in this formidable time.”

Kawa Sweeney in her undies and station in a water, binds adult a handful of silt and smiles during a camera.

Kawa Sweeney desired Newport Beach, according to her father. (Instagram: 8footwalls)

According to reports, a Sydney family were on a operative holiday when a occurrence occurred.

The family incited to amicable media when they schooled they were not lonesome by transport word to medivac Kawa behind to Australia.

A Gofundme page had lifted some-more than $87,000 by Thursday afternoon.

Kawa’s father, artist Desmond Sweeney, took to amicable media to appreciate people who had offering a family support, posting a print of his daughter during her favourite NSW beach:

“So most adore for a small girl,” he wrote.

“This is Kawa during a favourite beach in Newport. Her special place.

“We are impressed by your prayers, thoughts and good wishes Your meditations are received. They are removing us by this formidable time. Thank you.”

This is a second such occurrence in Bali in as many months, with an 18-month-old Australian toddler failing after descending into a pool in North Kuta.

Some 99,200 Australians visited Indonesia in May this year, a latest total available.





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