Surprising Sanur, Off a Beaten Track

“If Bali was a vital being, afterwards Sanur would be a heart”

Boats during Sanur Beach in Bali. (Photo source: Pixabay/MAK1950)


The name Sanur apparently means a really special place to visit. Let’s learn what this accessible exquisite beach encampment in South-East Bali has to offer beside a singular history.

When we are deliberation visiting Sanur or staying there for a integrate of days, because not review a discerning contribution that are good to know? To try Sanur’s special hotspots, we might review a insiders’ tips that will take we off a beaten track.

Quick contribution about Sanur

1. Sanur is good famous for a fantastic sunrises from a Badung pickle above a Bali Sea.

2. It is also desired for a occasional arise of a supernatural red full moon out of a sea.

3. The embankment creates it really protected and easy to float off a coast.

4. The 6 km path on a Sanur beach is a longest in all of Bali.

5. The Dutch set feet on Sanur Beach in 1906 to constraint it as a final partial of a Dutch Indies Colony. Remarkable if we cruise that a Dutch had already ruled for about 300 years in this area.

6. The oldest available essay in Bali is in Sanskrit and can be found in Sanur.

7. The Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel has a special room clinging to Sukarno, a initial boss of Indonesia.

8. The initial museum in Bali was rigourously determined in 1953 when a chateau of Le Mayeur was opened.

Only in Sanur

Just as past famous painters have attempted to constraint a special Sanur illumination on canvas, benefaction day photographers are intrigued to locate a visionary light with complicated cameras. But there’s so many some-more to try and to be found ‘only in Sanur’.

Follow a 6 km path to start exploring a initial hotspots. Start walking or take a bicycle from ‘Pantai satu’ (‘the initial beach’) during Jalan Hangtuah to a many southern beach during Pantai Mertasari.

The adore nest of painter Le Mayeur

“I have built a chateau in front of a sea distant from other buildings and generally distant from other Europeans. It’s in a center of a rice margin and it can usually be reached around a beach. Our chateau is a superb environment for her beauty,” Le mayeur pronounced as translated from French into English

This chateau is now a museum where we can see a vital buliding of a Flemish painter and his mother Pollok. Evidence of their adore story resulted in many paintings and some can still be found in a Le Mayeur museum.

One of a paintings of Pollok embellished by her father Le Mayeur as one of a remaining paintings during Museum Le Mayeur, Sanur. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

The paintings are reminders of their unusual relationship. Pollok was a Legong dancer who was saved from a forced matrimony by Le Mayeur, who asked her father for accede to marry her instead of a initial male of his choice.

Via this online repository of a Dutch Institute we can find black and white cinema of Le Mayeur and Pollok, also when she poses for him. The strange content from his minute explaining how they met can also be found on this website.

Museum Le Mayeur, Sanur’s initial museum, is dedicated to a painter and a beauty of his indication and mother Ni Wayan Pollok Tjoeglik, who outlived her father until 1985. To give we an sense of a new value of his work. In 2014 one of Le Mayeur’s paintings of their garden in Sanur was auctioned for $860.000 in Australia.

Museum Le Mayeur
Jalan Pantai Sanur, Sanur, Bali
Telephone: +62-361-286201 ‎

Sukarno devout chateau in room 327

The top landmark on a beach of Sanur is a Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. You can see it from distant even if we expostulate along Bali’s coastal categorical road.

Since it was non-stop in 1966 a new order in Bali fast followed restricting a tallness of new buildings to not some-more than a coconut tree (15 meters). It was Indonesia’s initial president, Sukarno who enabled a investiture this hotel with income from Japan as remuneration for a war.

The Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel is a top landmark in Sanur. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

He chose this mark in respect of a enchantress Nyi Roro Kidul, a black of a Southern Seas. A glow in 1993 roughly broken all a bedrooms in a hotel solely room 327 that was saved.

Grand Inna Bali Beach Hotel
Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur Bali P.O.Box 3275 Denpasar 80032 Bali
Telephone : +62-361-288511

Local food in Sanur

Beach food

At many places along a beach we can suffer roasted uninformed corn from a grill. The internal people like to eat it with a salsa of butter and sambal (hot chilisauce), though it’s also good to suffer it plain. Another favourite is a brew of tahu and tempe (made from soya beans) lonesome in peanut salsa and wrapped in a tiny square of paper.

Night marketplace Pasar Sindhu

Another favorite mark to suffer internal Indonesian food is a night marketplace in Sanur, tighten to Jalan Pantai Sindu. Try a nasi campur, that is rice with a choice of meat, fish, vegetables and vegetarian food; gorengan, a deep-fried food, mostly a brew of vegetables, honeyed potato. You might also try tahu and tempe, that are done from soyabeans; bakso, a soup with beef meatballs; and mie kuah, noodle soup.

Pasar Sindhu Night market
North of Jalan Danau Tamblingan, Sanur Bali

One of a food stalls on a Sindhu night marketplace in Sanur. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Beachlife waste or hang out with a locals

Luxury sunbeds

No doubt on a 6 km widen in Sanur we will find a special beach to your liking. Beware that Sunday is a favourite day for a internal families to spend during a beach, generally during a finish of a day it gets really busy.

If we like remoteness and a good white sandy beach roughly all to yourself, conduct over to Jalan Duyung to find a beach in front of a Bali Hyatt Hotel. This hotel was sealed for renovation, though we can lease a sunbed for Rp 50.000 per day. A large beach towel from a hotel is supposing and nobody will worry we here.

The white sandy beach in front of a Bali Hyatt hotel. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Local life

If we would like to get in hold with locals and learn some-more about life in Sanur speak to one of a oldest beach vendors on Sanur beach. Many people are happy to deliver we to all there is to know or to buy in Sanur.

Balinese arts

Unique in Sanur are a women who play in a gamelan band in a temple. Along a beach we will find several temples and internal artists like woodcarvers and painters offered their work as souvenirs.

Under a sponsorship of a Tandjung Sari Foundation childrens’ Balinese dance use classes can be seen nearby a hotel’s pool on Fridays and Sundays from 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

On a 6 km widen in Sanur we will find a special beach to your liking. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Along a beach we will find several internal artists like woodcarvers and painters. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Activities during the kite festival during Padang Galak beach. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Colourful kites high adult in a sky

On Mertasari beach a sky is filled with huge kites during a ‘summer season’ when a breeze is clever roughly each singular day.

Some yearly kite festivals take place from Jun to September. But a biggest kite events take place during Padang Galak, that is a many renouned place for a villages to have their contests during a festivals. This beach is conflicting a ’first beach’ where a Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel is located.

As there are several charming kites for sale in Bali we can use your possess kite or suffer examination others drifting their kites. This takes a lot of bid as a kite can be as large as adult to 12  or even 20 meters and a organisation of during slightest 8 group are indispensable for a ride and to lift it adult into a sky.

Sunrise during Pantai Mertasari Sanur. (Photo credit: Woi-Ling Wen)

Prasati Blanjong ancient mill epigraph

In a community of a South partial of Sanur beach on Jalan Danau Poso is Pura Blanjong. Behind a church area of Pura Blanjong there’s a apart place where we will find a statue with a oldest marker ever found on Bali.

It is suspicion that this place was an aged gulf and that it was ruled by past kingdoms. The content was created in Old Balinese denunciation and in Sanskrit. The mill is recorded in a potion cabinet. If we occur to be there on a Monday morning we can ask Pak Made Mawa, a chairman who is in assign of a church and a vicinity to open a cupboard for a improved perspective on a content on this artefact.

Pura Perasati Blanjong
Jalan Danau Poso in Sanur, Bali
Contactperson: Pak Made Mawa (see picture)

Pak Made Mawa binds a pivotal to a potion cupboard containing a ancient stone. (Photo credit: Ita Amahorseija/GIV)

Expat perspective on Sanur

“If Bali was a vital being, afterwards Sanur would be a heart.”

Many people from abroad have found a home in Sanur. Woi-Ling Wen is one of them.

“I came to work in Sanur (1989 to 1997) to manage a building of all a Duty Free International stores (DFS) as executive of store pattern construction and visible merchandising for all of South East Asia,” she said

“I’m a engineer and keep bustling with store pattern and product development. we also pattern trinket underneath my possess tag and name.”

Woi-Ling’s special bond with Sanur can also be seen in her photography, generally in her photos of a sunrise.

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