Strong trembler shakes Indonesia’s Bali island

By Ainur Rohmah

TUBAN, Indonesia

A clever trembler shook a Indonesian review island of Bali on Wednesday, causing people to panic and rush out of buildings.

“The trembler did not means a tsunami,” National Disaster Management Agency orator Sutopo Purwo Nugroho pronounced in a statement.

“The startle of a upheaval is felt by many people in Bali province,” he added.

The group available a trembler as carrying a bulk of 6.4 and distinguished during a abyss of 117 kilometers (73 miles) around 23 km (14 miles) easterly of provincial collateral Denpasar.

The United States Geological Survey, however, logged a bulk of 5.5.

Indonesia lies within a Pacific’s “Ring of Fire”, where tectonic plates hit and means visit seismic and volcanic activity.

On Dec. 7, a bulk 6.5 trembler rocked a north of Sumatra island, withdrawal 104 people dead, some-more than 1,200 harmed and tens of thousands replaced in Aceh province.

On Dec. 26, 2004, a bulk 9.1 trembler struck a eastern seashore of Sumatra, causing a tsunami that killed around 230,000 people as it tore along a coasts of Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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